4 thoughts on “Personal Power

    • Hey there :o) Well even though it looks a little bleak on the outside there is some underlying magic happening.. I’m definitely moving in the right direction, I can feel it in my bones.. YAY FINALLY!!! I’m much calmer and very in-tune with my decision making for once. So excited :o) Do you feel like this?

      • YES! I find myself in transition after transition, constantly deciding what I am able to let go of and what influences I want more of in my life. I find as I trust all of my emotions have something positive to tell me, to guide me, that when I get the message right the anxiety just dissolves and I am at peace. Congratulations, it’s just going to keep getting better and better! That magic that happens behind the scenes is amazing. 6 mo. from now you will look back and say, “Wow, this is exactly what I wanted.” I did hear an interesting analogy of what is “God’s will and what does it really mean?” It is to take action, any action, even if it ‘seems’ it was wrong afterwards, because if you don’t, nothing changes and action leads to change if you keep taking action on recurring thoughts and things you want to do that make your heart happy, you will end up where you want to be, always. Be well.

  1. Wow.. thanks for the reply :o) Again ..really something I need to hear right now, <3 I'm finally understanding that being sensitive REALLY is my greatest gift (and not a curse after all!) and my emotions are an amazing guide, It's almost like I'm finally learning and understanding what my feelings are telling me. And the calmness I feel, is my anxiety dissolving because I now trust myself and I feel very safe in this world. It makes me feel powerful and strong, Something I haven't really felt in my life before. I have been taking more action on little things with amazing results. Especially on waking. and thinking "I could do this today" (it used to be I need to clean the house, sell the house,.. everyday was the same and depressing ) .. now it's like I could go for an early morning walk along the beach, I could buy some bach flowers they’ll be helpful, or get out and lie in the sun .. just little thoughts and messages that I act on and I'm finding some serendipity happening as a result. I’m letting go of all the financial stress and constant worry and just finding some inner peace. My intuition is much clearer and knows what I really need to do more than what I logically think I should be doing. Life flows so much easier this way. Life feels kinder and not so pressured :o) I still have some conflicting thoughts .. I'm following the intuitive path, decided to stop the focus on selling my house (for now..), and become a healer …… which when I think about it seems crazy.. I have no idea if I'm good enough or if I could actually earn money, or how I'll develop my skills, or how I'll even fully use them, but I just have to believe it's my path and that it will all work out.. (talk about living in absolute faith..). Logically I could be doing very very different things and making very different choices.. Due to my financial situation at present sometimes I find myself questioning the sanity of my choices.. they don't seem sane! I just looked up the word 'sane (sensible, practical, advisable, responsible, full of common sense, prudent, circumspect, pragmatic, wise, reasonable, rational, mature, level-headed, commonsensical, judicious, politic, sound, balanced, sober).. nope my choices are none of these!!.. It's a weird feeling just following your instincts, I'm 'living on a prayer' and trying not to block the process with any fear, just living each day on trust, faith and taking even small action. Thank you christinadrh, I needed to write this out today, I need to believe in myself and my path, even if it seems a little cray cray. Trying not to let my rational mind f*ck it up with fear :o) Sending love xx

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