Recovery From Abuse And Dysfunction

“Because of all I have gone and am going through, there may be times when I feel like I have little or no energy. During these times, I will be gentle with myself. I have been through a lot. I need time to recover. I will remember that having an abuser removed is major surgery of the soul. I need time to heal, and I need rest. It is okay for me to let myself take it easy.”

~ J.R Smith

8 thoughts on “Recovery From Abuse And Dysfunction

  1. Yes I feel that way today. In the mulligrubs. I watched a sad movie and have felt depressed ever since an of course it was about a love story. I think if I want to feel like living again I need to be more protective of my emotions and mind. But I’m going to church this Sunday to be around upbeat positive people and maybe pump some positiveness into my depleated mind. I also stayed up all night watching that stupid movie and that didn’t help matters any. Joyce Meyers has a good book out: Enjoying where your at on the way to where ur going. Yes, well even though I don’t approve of women preachers she has helped me a lot.

  2. I took a year before I went to work. In that year, I went through therapy and a 12 step group, joined a church, went to school to refresh my skills and had surgery for my fibroid tumors. When asked why there was a gap in my resume, I told the truth. I went through a divorce and felt I needed time to heal so that I wouldn’t bring my issues into the workplace. The interviewers appreciated my honesty and my answer.

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