5 thoughts on “Touch Lives

  1. The biggest challenge I am facing is how to achieve the balance that will not make my interactions ones that hurt. Call it codependency remnants, but I’d rather err on the side of caution with less, than more. Or perhaps I recognise the harm I did in the past (and the fact that I didn’t want to harm is irrelevant). Until I’ve managed to master this balance, I’d rather be vigilant.

    • I’m feeling this too. I joined a anxiety meetup group and I’m very open and vulnerable about my life, which tends to make others feel safe to open up and be vulnerable. They talk about their past and childhoods and spiritual experiences and some say the have never mentioned it to others .. problem is I leave feeling fine and they look like they’ve been triggered by their memories. They look worse than when they arrived. I’m not sure what this means? Maybe I’m more healed than them… and not right for this group? Maybe I should just shut up and listen? I’m confused? Still wondering where I fit socially? I don’t know if I’m good for them, or maybe I am?

      • I think everyone heals differently. Different ways, different rates, different and unique for everyone. It’s the same with triggering. The thing with a healing group is that it’s a safe environment to open up and face the pain, so perhaps the people you perceived as triggered are simply facing their pain and not being triggered? Perhaps it’s not about whether you are good for them or not, but simply be there and be yourself? Whether they are the right group for you is a different matter of course. My suggestion is to follow your heart and your intuition on this. After a few times with the group, you’ll know whether it’s the right group for you or not because of how it affects you (or doesn’t affect you).

      • Thanks for the feedback Aura, you’re a wise one :o) Super helpful to see it from someone else’s perspective. I naturally bring up/out things in people (it’s the healer in me I guess) it’s not conscious or intentional, it’s just me being there and being myself. It was a group of men that I was with and I think that was the problem. Many men tend to have a difficult time with the deeper stuff, they prefer to avoid it. Not sure whether I have to consciously keep it light with them. and sensor myself. I felt responsible for their emotional state, maybe that’s the problem..

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