You know those days…

The ones where brushing your teeth is your biggest accomplishment.

You know those days. The ones where brushing your teeth is your biggest accomplishment. Be proud! Show off your achievements with these embroidered felt pins:

I started a achievements jar when I went through a bad bout of depression lately (slowly coming out of it..)  :o)

Simple things like, got dressed (only if I had to go out), bought food (sneak down to the supermarket late when it’s practically empty), cooked a simple meal (rarely – cooking = mess = dishes), spent 10 mins. doing dishes (not often, maybe once..), paid a bill (if they were on my back for payment..), washed some clothes (if I really had to go out), made a phone call (I’d been putting off), lay in the sun for 20 mins (started looking really pasty from staying indoors with the curtains closed), forced myself to socialize with my anxiety group (felt better!), washed my dressing gown (I’d been living in day to day), fed the dog, flea treated the dog, put the rubbish out, open the curtains and let the light in  .. then at some point   … I made the decision to stop binge eating carbs (gained too much weight), went to my Dtr and got 4 free therapy sessions (needed someone to talk to), got advice from a wise psychic counsellor (excellent!), brought Bach Flowers essences (natural emotional healing aides), started listening to soothing music and tried some new relaxation techniques (instant calmness), poured my heart out on my blog (excellent understanding and healing help from readers)..

These things are hard to do when you’re depressed.. some people can keep functioning .. I really don’t and I don’t always choose the healthiest ways to self soothe..

I should add I watched many uplifting movies, took many long baths, took many long naps, watched TV, ate tons of ice cream, binged on carbs, cried buckets, spent hours on the internet in an attempt to feel connected (find healing answers and alleviate my boredom), wrapped myself up like a burrito, posted positive quotes and articles on my blog, snuggled my dog :o)

Now my depression is lifting (it was about 6 – 12 months of darkness). Even doing nothing was doing something because it was healing my heart and helping me overcome fear. I’ve experienced chronic depression but this was the worst bout I’ve ever had.

Be gentle, do what you can, and do what feels soothing.. add some positive/ healthy self soothing techniques too.

Depression isn’t easy but you do get through and you come out stronger and wiser.

SG x


7 thoughts on “You know those days…

      • I am hanging in..thank you for asking. I hope you are well also. I have been trying the Fly Lady method for keeping up with the house. Have you heard of it? It seems to be helping me to feel a little better about the condition of my house and my ability…or inability as the case may be….to keep up with the mess.

        I signed up for her emails. I know she has stuff to sell which she promotes in the emails. but you can just read the reminders and you don’t have to buy anything.
        I also think she has a great business idea, with her Fly Lady marketing, and I am thinking about how to incorporate some of the ideas.
        Anyway..time to bed. My back in hurting me.

      • Hi Annie… same as you I’m hanging in there .. I found flylady a few years back, I didn’t sign up for her emails but I found the website and ideas to keep on top of things was super helpful. Take care, thinking of ya SG x

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