Fear Based Depression

Not all depression is based on fear, but depression can be a sign that on a deeper level you need to face and make big changes in your life.

You may be feeling unsatisfied or unhappy in areas of your life but not sure how to address/ change these issues. Abandonment fears, survival fears, fear of failure etc.. come into play and hold you.

You may feel very indecisive, conflicted or experience episodes of cognitive dissonance. This is a sign that you are processing your choices on a deeper level.

Through this battle of the mind vs. the soul you will ultimately come to a decision regarding what is best for you. Taking action on your choice happens when you’re ready. Generally when you’ve had enough of being scared, conflicted, anxious, paralyzed, frozen and depressed.

When you’ve had enough of the pain and suffering. When the fear of staying in your present situation is greater than the fear of leaving or change.

When you feel you have a degree of support, when you have a plan, when you feel strong enough, and when you feel a degree of safety to move forward.

You come to a point of acceptance of what you need to do to be healthy and reduce your stress levels.

Often we are pushed to face our fears head on. Crisis pushes us to move forward. Feeling sick and tired of being scared all the time pushes us forward. Wanting more from life pushes us forward. Getting sick from unhealthy coping mechanisms pushes us forward. Losing relationships or our finances. Realizing that taking no action is a living death pushes us forward.

Fear based depression is painful but it is a process of growth. It takes time to understand, find support, gain strength and overcome your fears.

Be gentle.

Be patient.

Find support.

Even if it seems bleak and painfully slow, everyday you are moving forward. One day you’ll look back at this dark time and honour it as the time where you grew the most even if it seemed like you weren’t doing much at all. On a much deeper level you were, and you’ll be so proud that you reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Love & baby steps,

SG x

Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time:



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