Life Is Your Friend

Like a good friend, life keeps trying to show you the way — keeps trying to show what isn’t working for you and what behaviors need to stop. When you keep banging your head up against the same destructive scenarios, life will patiently keeping showing you the painful consequences — until you get it. Life will teach you the same lesson time after time after time, until you finally start to learn. Life will try to teach you what kind of people are bad for you, and what kind of situations makes you sick and weak, what kind of substances are a no-fly-zone for you, and what kind of existence brings you into bloom. Life will try to show you what was never meant to be yours, and life will try — by any means necessary — to teach you how to look for something else, when it’s time to change.

As we get older, there’s a trust that grows within us about life — that something out there is trying to teach us SOMETHING.

Your pain is just life trying to show you what doesn’t work for you.

Find the teaching hidden in the chaos.

~ Elizabeth Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Life Is Your Friend

  1. This concept took me so long to figure out. And I still get it wrong. After spending two excruciating days utterly depressed over how I can’t seem to be able to find a job while time in my current employment is running out, I read this, and finally, it dawned on me. I am trying desperately to control a situation I have no control over, agonising over rejections, both explicit and implicit (I don’t like how people don’t have the decency to tell you that your application failed). Agonising over time exhausts me and my attempts at control fail, raising a storm of fear, which I promptly try to bury. The point is to feel the fear, acknowledge it and do what scares me. Also, drop the attempts to control and trust the inner navigator. Lessons, lessons, so many lessons. Thanks for posting this it helped clarify things a lot.

    • Sounds like you’ve been through a rough time… <3
      These lessons seem to come in waves and sink you before you can swim.. it's not easy.

      'The trying to control what you can't control' is a big painful lesson!
      (The process of letting go of the need to control).
      Maybe it's about having faith. Faith that it will all work out in the end and that your stress is only making matters worse. Having faith reduces the stress, and when you feel less stressed you're clearer. Clarity means you can 'read the signs' better on which way to go or what to do next..

      I'm also going through the "feel the fear, acknowledge it and do what scares me" but just in a different environment. I find mine are spiritual blocks which makes life only more confusing than it already is :o)
      I'm going to do something this week that scares me, I have to I can’t stand being paralyzed in this position any longer, it’s soul destroying :o(
      Hopefully it will help me move forward.

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