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  1. I am going to print this and put it on my wall with the rest of the positive messages I have up there. I think I need to be seeing this all the time and mentally soak in it. Because fear is still governing my thoughts.

    • Fear is still governing my thoughts also, only this week I realized just how much..
      I am actually self sabotaging my attempts for happiness.
      I found it really hard to believe after all the work I’ve done that fear is still like a brick wall stopping me.
      I also uncovered what my deep fears are. I already knew I have fears from my historical past (guess I fear history repeating itself), but the shocker is that I am still attached to my ex husband on some spiritual level and not yet willing to release him. Intuitively I know releasing him on that level will be his destruction.

      Hmm… on the Earthly level none of it makes a lot of sense (at . all) but on the spiritual level it’s a BIG thing..
      So it seems mentally I’m choosing life, but physically it’s a whole other story and I remain paralyzed..

      I think it’s a big step acknowledging our fears, it gives us something to work with and to overcome. I think we need to be gentle on ourselves, this isn’t easy and is often confusing.

      I pray I can find the inner strength to release him, face my past and create something better. I know I deserve it.

      Courage and baby steps I guess,
      SG x

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