2 thoughts on “Emotional abuse the silent killer

  1. I hope that people who read this and who are that situation take your wise advice. It is hard to leave an abusive relationship but you must. By doing so, you will realize there are people out there who will treat you with love, respect, and who will value you for who you are. Get help and leave. It is the first step to living a better and happier life!

    Thank you for writing this

    • Hi bjgaulton :o) It really isn’t easy but it is worth it. I’m still not in the greatest situation but it’s still far better than where I was ..and where I was going..
      Support is essential. I found a same sex counseller who had been in a similar situation and was now helping others. She was my rock and I’ll always be grateful that I found her. I actually prayed for her out of desperation. I remember asking specifically that I needed support and help, a good person who would get me and completely understand my situation. I was put in contact with her a week later..
      Take care.

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