Some People May Feel Threatened By Your Healing

Healing yourself will beckon you to disrupt the status quo. When one of us starts living fully aligned with the soul’s integrity, other people who aren’t doing the same tend to get uncomfortable.

This doesn’t mean you should let what everybody thinks hold you back. It might not feel like it, but you’re doing those people a favor by illuminating something true within them, even if they feel triggered by the illumination.

Rejection, ostracization, and bullying are three overlapping steps of abuse.  Teach your kids six steps to deal with bullies.


6 thoughts on “Some People May Feel Threatened By Your Healing

  1. I’m going through that right now with some fellow Christians who are supposed to be my friends. I went through two difficult marriages and am now single again. For some reason some people think you have to be married or you don’t have a life. I had a preachers wife tell me I was going to put a gun to my head and find myself Aline and nothing but a bottle because I don’t run to the nearest man and get married again. They can’t stand it if I’m happy being single or say anything positive about the single life.

      • Thank you :o) Well I can’t answer that for you but personally I need a life that’s simple because I’ve already had enough confusion so I would have one blog and put all my soul into it :o)

    • That is just plain horrible. You find more strength being alone and coming to know and love yourself than in running like a desperate person to another man. That person could not be more wrong as you know. You are strong, you are a survivor, all the love you need is within you…..

    • Hi quietwoman,

      Oh.. how I pity those poor self-sacrificing miserable confused Christian souls.. You are a great threat to their instilled beliefs that life is about martyrdom, endless pain and suffering. Choosing happiness is something that they would never have the courage to do themselves …
      Often religion is a crutch for fearful people to not take action in their lives.. they have a whole suffering support team

      It takes so much courage to heal and they will feel very threatened by you because you’re going against the grain.
      A great deal of Christians believe that marriage is about martyrdom and suffering.. and praying for Jesus to save them… seriously what a crock!

      Life is about having the courage to choose happiness and to let go of suffering. Life is about getting up and saving yourself along with God’s support and blessing..
      They choose suffering because they believe that is the essence of Christianity and what God wants.. I call bullshit!
      Do you think God wants you to be happy, that he wants you to have the courage to heal and to shine? And that he wants you to be a light to others so that they too can find the courage to choose healing, health, peace and happiness.
      Well that’s what I think :o)..
      And I think you’re a really smart and very strong person. Hold your head high around those who are confused and weaker than you and keep smiling (avoid those that make you feel bad). You should be really proud of yourself x

      • Ah thanks. I’m finding true happiness now, even love just being alone in a house. I want to get my own place (currently living with mother) and decide for myself where to put things, when and how to do dishes. If God wants to put another man in my life I won’t be against that but really, I’m OK without one. Im enjoying life and getting closer to the Lord so I’m OK.

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