Adult Children Not Speaking To You? These Reasons May Be Why…

The Matriarch


We live in a society where not speaking to your parents is Taboo.

In exchange for life, food, shelter, education and their brand of love people are taught to  love their parents unconditionally. When a person decides not to have a relationship with their parent they are scrutinized. If you explain why you have gone “no contact” with your parent, you are met with comments of guilt, reminders of religious principals, and looks of disapproval. Making the decision to stop speaking with a parent is a painful one. It’s not an easy decision to make, but many make it because not speaking with a toxic parent is less painful and healthier than speaking with them.

You may be that mother – or father – wondering why your adult son – or daughter – does not make the traditional Sunday call, or has chosen not to allow you to see their children. Parenting…

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