Life From The Higher Perspective

The Holy Hole, Madeira Island, Portugal:

Knowing the higher spiritual aspects of life and living our everyday reality is a real balancing act! It takes time to grow, understand and learn the spiritual lessons of what we’ve been through in order to move forward. Often it’s like a jigsaw puzzle!

 Here are some of my higher thoughts on love and healing. Although on a spiritual level I have always understood them, I have had much work to do on the emotional level before I could ever instill them.

But I seem to be supported in my growth and am softening in my emotional stance.

I think ultimately to see past people’s fears and faults and to love is my true nature.

Here are some things I know on a deeper level..

SG x

Some people function out of fear and others function out of love.

To live from fear blinds people and causes them to do terrible things.

Those who live from fear don’t make good choices, they make easy choices.

A person working from love is someone who has worked hard to overcome fear.

Working from love means focusing on the light and not the dark.

To focus on the dark is to live in fear.

To live in fear is a choice.

You cannot heal those that choose to live in fear, you can only heal yourself and assist those who suffer.

We are all spiritually evolving and all have a spiritual responsibilities. Some of us will take responsibility and some of are not ready or capable at present.

In the big picture of things judging those who live from fear is like judging ourselves for who we once were.

People are not inherently evil.

Past traumas create our present and future fears.

Everyone knows right from wrong. Right is love, wrong is fear.

Fear is contagious and a negative force.

Love is contagious and a powerful healing force.

A person working from love is a healing force simply by being.

Love is an energy others can feel and absorb.

People working from love are blessed.

We all have an individual purpose and a group purpose.

People that heal and choose to live from love are drawn to kindred spirits to work together as a group. They overcome past traumas together and work towards a better future in their specific group field.

People that choose fear also connect with kindred spirits but play out their traumatic history over and over, living in fear instead of creating healthy change.

World healing starts to occur as more and more healing groups connect, overcome their fears and live their individual and group purpose whether that be in the area of politics, conservation, science, medicine, arts, religion, healing, music, writing..

SG x



5 thoughts on “Life From The Higher Perspective

  1. This is beautiful SG. I have HUGE lessons with fear. I have been subject to others’ fear in response to me and I can see in my own life where fear has created a prison for me and a lot of pain. Much to learn in this. Very wise and lovely. One of my favourite ever books is called When Love Meets Fear. When we love ourselves we can recognise our fears and work through them. I was having just this conversation with someone yesterday.

    • Yes I hear you :o) I had huge fears as well.
      I’m interested in what you say ‘others’ fear in response to me?’ Are people threatened by you and do you know why?
      I had predominantly future fears (repeating history) which paralyzed me in the present. Definitely created a prison for me also …but now I’m excited about the future.
      I also had a fear of my own potential (guess that was my ego!!), social anxiety (especially involving personal safety and men), and fear of my ability to protect and provide for myself (personal survival) – still in survival mode but digging my way out… Whew that’s a lot of fear!!
      You learn so much addressing these issues but I’ve seriously had enough! Can’t wait to sell up and take care of myself.
      The book sounds really good, I’m going to check it out :o)

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