Time To Stop Crying Into My Wheaties

Community Post: 23 Realizations About "Keeping Up With The Kardashians":

Feeling much better and stronger thanks to the support of caring people who see potential in me. These people give me strength.

So time to stop crying into my wheaties and take some action!

I’m pretty sure my family are jealous of me, I have a good heart and I’m talented but my kindness they see as a weakness to bully, they try to extinguish any light I have.

I’m going to stop my focus on them, on what I lost and on how they treated and hurt me (thinking of them in any form is a complete waste of my energy..). I’m going to build myself up, get back into my body so to speak.. start exercising, work hard, sell up and spend 3 months travelling in Europe.

I want to help radically change the mental health system… so I have big dreams/ goals and I can’t achieve that sitting on my ass feeling sad for one minute longer :o)

I guess a lot of my motivation is coming from wanting to give those that treated me as inferior the big finger (that is going to feel so good :o) but mostly it is that I know I am an amazing and talented person with a good heart and a lot to give.. I won’t allow small, weak, negative people to rob me of my strengths for a minute longer ..

“When life robs you, rob it back”

Love & baby steps,

SG x

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