“There Is Nothing Wrong With You”

An Epiphany

I was feeling really tired today (mostly frustrated because I feel ready to start my ‘real work’ but haven’t found an outlet yet)..

I lay down and took a nana nap feeling a little bleak about my future prospects. I fell into a deep sleep and then woke suddenly with an idea/ thought in my head that completely blew away my sense of hopelessness and made me feel positive to get up and function again (ever had that happen – so cool)

It was a simple thought from my dream state and the message was ‘there is nothing wrong with you’.

Basically never was, so let it all go that you are unwell in any form. Let go of the labels … depressed, c-ptsd, social anxiety..

There was plenty wrong with the people around me, all those people I have now completely removed from my life – whoo hoo!!

 But THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! – that was the epiphany.. all my symptoms stemmed from their deceit, their weakness and their inability to change.


SG x

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