Forgive and Forget and Fuck Yourself Over and Over Again

An Upturned Soul

This is a post inspired by those very negative muses known as Narcissists.

I keep referring to the gift in the curse of being in a relationship with a Narcissist. What exactly is the gift in the curse?

Simply put – You take something very negative and find the positive in it. Something which will inspire the fire within you and will encourage you to burn brightly as yourself. All of you. Let yourself shine! Because all negatives have a positive side of equal strength. You just have to dig through the shit to find the treasure buried within it.

Overly optimistic? You have to be when life keeps challenging you by throwing Narcissists at you like speed bumps in the road of your life. I wish life would give me lemons! I like lemons and have spent a lot of money buying them! Narcissists on the other hand… well…

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