Depression And ‘Playing It Safe’

There comes a point after healing our emotional and spiritual scars that we need to address external fears. The fears that are holding us from fulfilling lives..

Do you remember the last time you actively pushed through fear? The butterflies, the sick feeling, the nerves, the anxiety, the trembling, the hyperventilating, the panic ..

Some people believe butterflies and nerves are healthy and a sign you’re on the right path..  (I’m not sure about hyperventilating and panic though, they may be a sign to be gentle on yourself and that you have more work to do before jumping head in ..)

There’s a quote ‘Do one thing everyday that scares you’ by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Are you scared of driving on the open road – so never take road trips. Are you scared of public speaking so avoid it like the plague? Are you lonely, but too afraid of meeting and trusting new people? Do you have a huge fear of change so instead stay put?

These were a few of my own fears .. but believe me I have more..

Facing your fears takes time and baby steps. Each time you actively put yourself out there you gain a little confidence. No need to throw yourself head first into something too big in the beginning but just make the decision to live differently – it may not be easy but you will make yourself proud.

Listen to your instincts, you’ll know when you are ready to tackle the external things that scare you. You’ll know when it becomes a priority.

I’ve come to realize if you’re not actively trying to face your fears you’re slowly dying because you’re not allowing yourself to live fully.

… Now that’s depressing.

I think playing it safe became my norm and it was boring me to death.. My fears controlled me.

I am building up my strength and courage to actively take control of what I really want/ need to do in my life ~ (overcoming depression is a process).

I have noticed that covertly depressed people actively face their inner fears and slowly build up the courage (from healing) to move onto their outer fears while overtly depressed people (narcissistic) appear to easily face outer fears without going within and addressing emotional issues.

I have been brave, I have addressed a lot of emotional and spiritual issues (from the outside world it probably appears I’ve been doing nothing..). Addressing my outer fears is my next step and it never really stops if you want to grow.

I don’t feel so scared anymore because it scares me a million times more to die having led an uncourageous and unfulfilled life. I don’t want to die feeling ashamed that I never had the courage to make an active difference in this world

Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Strong

Love & baby steps,

SG x


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