Be Kinder Reminder

I like this SG x

On Withholding Judgement – Brandon Stanton HONY

When presented with a complex story, where things aren’t always black and white, and circumstances can be as much to blame as choices– consider withholding judgment.

This doesn’t mean you are condoning or validating a person’s choices. There can be a middle ground between ‘giving support’ and ‘casting judgment.’ You can always just listen.

It’s perfectly valid to have strong feelings and opinions. And I certainly don’t believe in suppressing free speech. But remember that people choose to share their stories. And they can just as easily choose not to.

Extreme judgment stifles communication and discourages honesty. This holds true for relationships, households, and communities.

Let’s not make communities where honesty and self-reflection are punished with rebuke. Because without honesty, stories lose their power.


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