Self Soothe Box

I found this on ‘Women With PTSD: a safe place’ (*a great FB page to check out.)

On bad days when I feel overwhelmingly low in energy I don’t push myself to do anything. (I’ve already burnt out twice from stress, I’m not going there again!) I always have a long bath, do a short relaxation technique, eat well, drink plenty of water, keep warm, listen to soothing or uplifting music, be compassionate and gentle, have a sleep if need be and think positive thoughts (remaining positive is essential, so is acceptance that you have random bad days). Often I feel pissed off that I’m not functioning when I have things to do, but the more you fight it the worse it gets. When I’m gentle and accepting, usually by lunchtime I’m energized enough to get up and do things again.

I would add to my box – essential oils for the bath, healthy snacks, beautiful body lotion, a favorite film and a beautiful magazine. What do you do on bad days?

Love & baby steps

SG x

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