Mr Exciting vs. Mr Right

Humans Of New York

“I met John in India while studying in a Hindi language program. He did all sorts of exciting things. He was from San Francisco and worked for all these super lefty politicians. In his twenties, he pretended to be a teenager so he could go back to high school and write an article about it. He did philanthropic work in African rain forests. Life with him was like a long vacation. Every day was an adventure. He’d literally wake up every morning and say: ‘Today’s an adventure.’ We dated for nine years. But he didn’t want to get married. He didn’t want to have kids. And even though he wanted to save humanity on a macro scale, he just wasn’t that warm. I never felt like I could come home in a way. So eventually I ended it. I met my current husband online. He was ‘all in’ from the very beginning. He doesn’t live in a rainforest, but he feels like home. If my sister sends me a picture of my niece wearing huge sunglasses, he doesn’t roll his eyes. He laughs even harder than I do.”

Jacob Tourk

Jacob Tourk maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken, maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.

Genevieve Habeck
Genevieve Habeck I married a man who feels like home, too.

Loving the wild man without roots or a heart is like going to war. You never come back the same.

You don’t have to claw your way toward him any longer. What sweet bliss. Good for you.

Cynthia Glasbrenner
Cynthia Glasbrenner This is so great to read. I remember dating all these men who were so “resistent” to being together. 3 months after I met my now husband, my apartment lease was expiring and he simply said “You should just move in with me.” Just like that. I thought he was nuts. Turns out, he was just “all in.” 13 years later we have a gorgeous daughter and now when I remind him he just says, “well I just knew.”

Laven Mokri

Laven Mokri “He feels like home” that means it’s true love!

Lori Holder-Webb

Lori Holder-Webb And THAT is the difference between Mr. Exciting, and Mr. Right

Giselle Garcia
Giselle Garcia takes our first true love to realize that our “first love” wasn’t the love we needed after all.
Sometimes people keep moving because they’re afraid of what they might discover about themselves if they don’t. Love is not always an “adventure” and sometimes coming home is the best thing in the world.
Keely FitzGerald
Keely FitzGerald Sometimes, love feels like cocaine. And even though caffeine isn’t quite as strong, it’s much better for you.
Kimi Ynigues
Kimi Ynigues There was a man you were meant to be young with, and a man you were meant to grow old with, and you got to love them both. That’s a good life.
Nuong Faalong
Nuong Faalong The mistake of trying to tame the wild. At least now you can ‘go home’. Run home girl and don’t look back.
Quentin Rampage O'Brien
Quentin Rampage O’Brien I thought I wanted adventure, too. But finding home is so much more important.
Heather Ferrante Cathrall
Heather Ferrante Cathrall Sometimes you need the vacation to appreciate being ‘home’. I had a similar experience when I lived in California with a wonderful guy I met when I was very young who was a lot of fun and a professional magician, but not the one to settle down with. I am grateful for all that relationship taught me and for the fun I had, but I am even more grateful for where I ended up.
Kimberly Morgan That sounds like my husband. Every man I’d dated up until I met Jim, I felt like I had to keep certain things inside (bad moods, bad experiences in life, etc.). And then, I met Jim. Instantly, I felt safe and knew I could trust him. On our second date I told him everything: every horrible habit I had, every bad decision/choice I’d ever made in life, everything. We were married six months later, and over a decade later….he’s still my home, my safe place, my best friend, my person, my pear. 

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