Be Brave!

I’m going to do the next thing that terrifies me the most in this world.. (I’ve already faced a few big fears..)

I’ve procrastinated long enough.

I’ve been paralyzed and sick by the fear of it.

Stressed by the thought of it

And stressed and sick from not facing it.

Either way it’s hell.. may as well do something crazy and die living rather than live dying..

I haven’t been brave so far …  instead I’ve tried 100 other paths hoping I could somehow take a detour and avoid it.

But really I’ve been avoiding what I have to do for long enough.

Now I am at the point .. I HAVE TO DO IT..

We don’t face our fears easily do we – it generally takes a crisis and then we are pushed to face them.. Usually it’s something big –  a lifestyle change, divorce, serious illness, career change ..

I’ve been holding on and holding on to my safe little world..

Well now it’s time to jump.

Oh god.. here we go again..

SG x

Screenshot (236)


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