True Story…


After a lifetime of chronic fatigue, illness and depression, my energy has dramatically lifted and I’m feeling positive and more productive :o)

There is much truth to this quote … I went ‘no contact’ with my entire family a couple of months ago and my life is only getting better. I feel better!!

I had been robbed for too many years of my peace and joy.

The majority of my family members are ’emotional bullies’.  I come from a historic line of bullies, my father, my husband, my sister, my daughter…. they carry that archetype (role model)..

When I shone a light on the continuing cycle of emotional dysfunction and depression throughout our family I was ostracized..

Emotional bullying has devastating results on your health and peace of mind.

Of course there are parts of my family I deeply miss .. but the peace and energy I now feel I wouldn’t trade for anything. Best thing I ever did was to walk away from the dysfunction and drama.. only wish I did it many many years sooner…


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