Healthy Orange & Basil ‘Ice Cream’

Three ingredients and tastes yum!

Good lord I used to overeat when I was stressed, ice cream was once my No. 1 binge food.. It didn’t make me look good, feel good or act good… but boy did it taste good! Pretty sure I was a sugar addict..

These days I never emotionally binge on junk food. First up I can’t afford to, it flares up my immune conditions, secondly I identify what/ who has hurt me and deal with it, and thirdly I love myself too much and I love feeling vibrant, balanced and energized (it was a process to get here ..)

I’ll be slowly adding some of my favorite super easy and super yum recipes for those of you who have sensitivities, illness, anxiety or high stress levels. These natural treats are healing, anti-inflammatory foods that make excellent and easy alternatives to those junk food cravings.. they keep you balanced and energized especially during stressful times..

Love & baby steps,

SG x


4 Frozen bananas (slice and freeze overnight)

1 Tbsp zest of Orange

2 fresh Oranges (remove skin)

2 Basil leaves

(I find it sweet enough but you can add a sweetener if you wish – like Tbsp natural honey)

Blend in Vitamix or similar and serve. (Serves 1-2)

Stay healthy and enjoy :o)


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