What Next?

So I’m sitting around thinking what next..

First up I have decided to let go of any profession in the healing field.. I never wanted to be a flakey psychic .. I just never knew what else I could do especially since I am intuitive and have high empathy.

So I’m letting all that spiritual stuff go.. yes, it carved my path and I do believe in all of it but I am ready to keep my feet on the ground. It was such a confusing … and an amazing journey!!

I have definitely learnt a lot and I do believe I have the experience and wisdom to help people… but really I do help people already simply by being a friend and listening to them and they help me too. I don’t need to get paid for caring about other ‘wounded people’.

Helping others is important to me and maybe that’s my gift.. being a friend especially to those being bullied, controlled and emotionally abused .. and also those that believe they are mentally ill when they are really mentally abused..

I want to help to empower them and be an inspiration that you can heal <3

As for my everyday reality, that is, how I will pay my bills etc.. I’m going to continue with my creative business idea and my small event planning – it’s fun for me, I’m good at it and I’m passionate about it..

So something meaningful and something creative and enjoyable – a good balance :o)

As for making friends, I’m learning to ‘observe not absorb’, trusting my instincts, keeping my mouth zipped regarding what I observe and just be understanding, and pushing past my fears. I’m pleasantly surprised that there are lovely people to meet.

As for love, who knows, I’m embarrassingly inexperienced in that department. I think I’ll just focus on my business and making male and female friends and having some fun times and forget about that. I’m not ready for it and if I go there now I’ll only attract difficulties..

I’m starting to feel clearer, probably the reduction in stress!! I feel like my ‘new beginning’ is finally starting..

Love & baby steps,

SG x

4 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. I think we will always be where we are meant to be, and know intuitively what to do.
    We can only grow through knowledge and our experiences, and we get better as time goes on.
    Thankyou for all your help, came at the right time for me.

    • Thanks hjwn – I’m so glad I heard back from you. I was worried about you and about what I said. You helped me so much, you kept me grounded many times. I’m so grateful, I was often a ‘space cadet’ from the stress and trauma :o( I only wish the best for you in your life forward. You are strong and intelligent and I hope one day somehow you can be self-employed and get away from that work atmosphere forever. Take care friend SG x

      • hjwn, I need to start being honest because I’m always kind and I suck in my own feelings often to my own detriment. I meant everything I said above.. but I need to add that when you disappeared without replying to me, it made me feel very hurt. I’m sure you never meant to hurt me and I do realize my comment probably made you uncomfortable but any reply would have been better than no reply.

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