Going To A Psychic Counsellor..

Well I’ve contacted a woman who helps people who are intensely intuitive.

I need the help and the guidance because it really stresses me out. It’s literally ruining my life, it’s painful and causing me to isolate. And I’m often unintentionally hurting people more than helping people with what I sense/ feel.

I have met this woman counsellor before and she is kind and definitely safe (my old therapist referred me to her a few years back) but I lost her contact details and have just found her again on FB.

The last thing that I remember her saying to me, is that I needed to love humanity (all of humanity) everybody warts and all, the good, bad and down right evil as it will help with this gift/ curse. It’s about overcoming my ‘wounded child’ and that healing that side of me comes from a place of forgiveness, genuine understanding and love..

Well I do feel I have come to the place that I love all of humanity (warts and all) – so maybe the timing on finding her is perfect.

She also mentioned that I have the capacity to be a healer – but I don’t want to be a healer – I did once but now I just want to be happy. Being a healer is just too painful and too hard!! I want less stress and more joy in my life :o)

I know why I am intensely intuitive – First –  it runs in my family (Pretty sure from the cycle of abuse..)

Second  – childhood dissociation, hypervigilance and trauma.

Thirdly – I’m female

.. And according to what I’ve read recently the fourth thing that causes intense psychic ability is being a twin.. no I’m not a twin (but who knows maybe it was something my mother never mentioned regarding my birth!! .. )

So what I want .. I want this so called gift to go away or at least become way less intense…  or that I can find a way to cope with it and find a useful and balanced outlet for it because it’s too strong. It gives me headaches…

I’m trying to focus on practicalities in my own life to take my mind of it. My house is starting to look organized and beautiful again. Instead of expensive furniture and decor, I now have Charity Shop retro finds but I think I like it even better :o). The event business will be online by next week and my son and I have started a lifestyle blog – food, styling, living etc.. So I do feel very grounded.. but I am also not mixing with people..

I will only mix with people who I feel ‘safe’ with – no anxiety or bad vibes..

Regarding psychic ability it angers me that abuse can do this to a person.. it’s easy to handle normal instincts and avoid people who you get negative vibes from but for the intensely intuitive we get the whole painful story.. and the negative emotions they feel. Unless you experience this you will never understand – it’s often confusing as I can pick it up things even when I’m not near them.. I can sense energy from a long distance.

I also find people are not at all comfortable with a person that senses how they feel, or if they’re lying, or their past or their secrets…  :o( and I suppose that is fair enough.

I have personally experienced it with my cousin (she’s highly intuitive)..   out of the blue she told me things about myself and all it did was ‘piss me off’. It felt like it was a breach of some sort of spiritual privacy act.. and maybe that’s what it is … but I do know she meant well and meant to help me in some way..

It is most intense when I am stressed or fearful, but with people I feel safe with it’s not overwhelming at all and I use it more from a place of love and compassion.

Maybe that’s the lesson…

Maybe she can teach me how to handle it and protect myself from picking up too much..

Reading a recent post on psychic ability, people who can see the past and potential future in others etc.. are ‘intensely psychic’ … and apparently many commit suicide because it’s too overwhelming… not good news :o(

Hopefully I can either get rid of it or learn to manage/ use it in a healthy non-hurtful way.

Love & baby steps,

SG x

4 thoughts on “Going To A Psychic Counsellor..

  1. Hi there ! The gift never goes away… I reckon your precious time and energy are better used at making you comfortable and accepting who you are fully, gift included… Loving all humanity means loving yourself too warts and gift included. The abuse does not give the abilities, it is more like circumstances that allow the gift to come to surface and be acknowledged. Not all people that went through abuse have what you have and some people with the same gift never had to go through trauma to develop it, all those are just paths… And yes definitely people are not comfortable with what you pick and express, it does not change much unless you surround yourself with people who are string and open and will take it as the blessing it is. The thing is how you perceive yourself to start with. If you at peace other’s reactions will have nearly 0 effect on you. That gift is precious and a needed blessing. It is light of truth pouring out of you. Stand strong and tall and please be proud of being that incredible person because this is precious. You are precious. 🌺❤️🌺

    • Thanks, I appreciate your comment Shiboriii :o)
      You’ve given me lots to think about! I really do feel I need help/ advice or an outlet for it if it never goes away. I have tried accepting it and embracing it but aside from using it to keep myself safe, it needs a constructive outlet or it seems to just sit in me and stress me out.. It’s easier to be alone but being alone is no way to live. Maybe I’m still learning how to manage it (at 47). I believe it has the potential to help people heal on a spiritual level – as I can see their big picture but I just haven’t yet found people with the courage to do that. I need a mentor as I don’t have full understanding and maybe this woman can mentor me and put me in contact with strong and open people that are willing to heal on a deeper level.. That would be the most amazing thing for me, then it would be a gift and not a curse..

      • You are the silver girl, you will find the silver lining I am sure. There are ways to numb the gift but there are detrimental and they come at a hefty price, I would never ever recommend them to anyone. Anyway nothing takes it away. There are also ways to deliver the message that can be easier and allow for a bit more inclusion in society. Someone I know makes it look like a joke. I tend to go for approach like : can you imagine if… And present it as a theorical imaginary thing when with new people. When people actually ask I puck my words carefully but never lies. It is meant to flow, not be stopped. That is why when it is repressed it makes a hell in one’s life. There are also ways to let it flow in silence by acting upon it in a loving prayer or visualisation… Or art 😃I really hope she will be able to help you gain mastery of it, we are all learning really because it evolves and develop as we do 😁 it does bring healing but in an empowering way, it is meant to help people regaining their own power and independence and control over their lives and choices so that they can be free and chose for themselves with more wisdom and awareness if what is happening in their lives. Anything you need, just ask and you will be led to it, it comes with the gift and manifests generally quickly ! 😉❤️🌺❤️🌺

  2. Thanks Shiboriii, I appreciate your caring and supportive comment – sounds like you’ve been here.. Most of my life I numbed it with food, but I don’t anymore (love myself too much). It’s getting stronger and I’m shocked by how much I know and see – often I wonder if what I pick up is true or my imagination but I have experienced too much not to trust it. I will try praying for the people I pick up stuff up from rather than mentioning anything and I will try to be subtle.. I’m finding it the saddest thing in the world to have a gift that you cannot effectively use. People often have no idea the pain and trials a healer/ psychic goes through. I will ask for help. Hopefully this woman is a lead. <3

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