Love Will Heal Me

Some time ago I remember feeling strongly that my next step in my healing was love.. and that love would ‘heal me’. Love would heal the scars on my heart and soul.

It was a strong knowing..

I guess I assumed that it would be the love of a good man that was going to heal me .. but over the last few days I realize that I got this quite wrong.

Love is the next part of my healing – that’s true, but it is not a man that will heal me.

* Light bulb moment

What my gut was telling me was that loving those that hurt me will heal me..

‘Love will heal me’..

When you can love your abusers they have no power over you. When you can see their big picture they can’t hurt you anymore.

There is a big difference in forgiving people and fully loving them, but I have come to the place that I do love them

I love my parents, my siblings, my adult children, my ex husband.

These people lied, cheated, abused, ostracized and abandoned me.

I had a lot of people betray me but I get it, their behaviour, their fears, their weaknesses and it’s behind me now.

I feel stronger and wiser and I realize I’ve been through a lot and achieved a lot on many different levels in this lifetime

I survived and I will thrive from my hard work but they are still stuck in bad jobs, co-dependent relationships and unhealthy marriages. I will get well as they remain sick with diseases and aches and pains..

They have their own healing work to do – when they are ready and that may be in this life or may be over many lifetimes.. but that’s their business.

I am simply turning my face towards the light and onto my path of happiness and joy.

Love will heal me.

My love.


6 thoughts on “Love Will Heal Me

  1. Oh Silver Girl! If you could see me, I’d be doing a happy dance for you right now!!! So happy to read about someone who is finding clarity and discovering new aspects of love that they’ve never considered before. That’s what I’m hoping for – to let love (MY love for myself) heal me. Thank you for your words.

  2. As someone who struggles with forgiveness I’ve always found these kind of stories amazing! I’ve struggled for many years with letting things go and God has always been faithful to deliver me from my anger. I’m so happy to see that you have been able to forgive and take a step towards full health!

    • Thanks Matthew.. It was a slow and painful process … And I did go through a necessary time of being volcanically angry and feeling true hatred especially towards my mother. I felt my ex husband was truly evil. I needed to be angry and I had every right to be angry, but over time the hate was changing my true nature and stopping me from being well or living well. So I let it go… a process of accepting them for their weakness, then forgiving them, then seeing their big picture and understanding why they choose behave that way.. some are fearful, some are weak and some sell their soul because it’s easier than healing..
      Love, healing and baby steps to you,

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