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  1. thought so as soon as I posted :)
    Many meanings to it, quite thought provoking, a very good image.

    Personally im not motivated by money, I like to be treated right, not emotionally abused which is so common these days and yet, costs nothing. if I end up homeless, id be tempted to make such a sign. :)

  2. I was always motivated by love but I am starting to be motivated by money as well. I’m not greedy though. As I start to love my home again, I would now like to keep it and fix it up and I need money for that. I think I’m balancing out my masc. and fem. sides.. I’ve found life is so stressful on the breadline.. And making money is good as long as I’m doing what I’m good at, what feels morally right and what I’m passionate about. I love styling memorable events and creating beauty but I always believed I was meant to ‘help’ people and styling events was meaningless .. but it’s fun, I’m creating beauty for people, I style with second-hand or high quality items so I know I’m supporting the planet rather than adding to the destruction – making money that way is creative, ethical and fun for me – but in the future when I feel ready I can see me using my skills to give guidance to others and that’s my meaningful work. I hope to do both.. I think making money can be fun … and purposeful.

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