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    • I’ve given up on trying to change the world. I guess I always wanted to make a big impact but It’s not my motivation anymore, it was more the motivation of my ‘wounded child’ who knew pain and saw pain and wanted to heal it in everyone ..

      Finding peace, balance, love and happiness in my own life (is hard enough!) and my number one priority. I think once you’ve achieved that, you naturally share your love and joy of life with others, I’ve always thought ‘enlightenment’ was really just about finding happiness in your life anyway.. Being happy is what makes you a light in this world.

      • Haha – hope I didn’t run too off the track with that reply.. I do get what you meant though ..:o)
        I’m just helping myself at this point..

      • Agreed :) Although I keep cycling between saving myself, and then wanting to change the world, two phrases spring to mind……..

        “This may mean that there is no hope for the human race, but there is hope for individual members of it.” – Eric Berne, games people play

        “without hope for the whole human race there can be no hope for individual members of it”. —Claude Steiner, scripts people live.

        I prefer claude’s statement, but the sad reality is than berne might actually be right. I cant help being so idealistic, just keep shining and pray I guess. :)

        Hope your doing ok.

  1. Thanks hjwn, I’m good :o) I’m getting on top of the practical things around my house and the progress is a great feeling. It’s looking like my home again and I’m growing to love it.. again..
    I’ve given up on that group I was going to…I met some nice people but I was picking up on too many emotions that weren’t my own. Taught me a lot about myself but too hard to manage at present..
    PS… Don’t give up on humanity just yet <3 If there is something every person in this world really wants, it is love and acceptance. All abusers have been abused themselves. Some people are just stronger (you for example :o) and never let it destroy their soul.. “Turn your face towards the light and the shadows will fall behind you”

  2. hjwn- I’m feeling a little worried about you. This comes from a place of caring :o) I’m worried that you’re letting ‘them’ (who ever they are) destroy you. Maybe it’s my gut instincts… I’m not sure, but I hope you’re okay and if you ever want to talk to someone regarding handling the dark events and people of this world feel free. I joined the HSP group a few weeks back that you mentioned, so you should be able to find me.. You’ve helped me in the past to remain balanced when I was getting a bit floaty from stress, and I appreciate it. No pressure though I know how it is and I fully understand if you don’t feel up to it.. Wanting friends and at the same time not trusting or feeling constantly let down by people is our dilemma. I’m even questioning myself if I should risk posting this comment as I know you may not feel safe. Just communicate that to me – I really won’t be offended :o)

  3. I’m not sure. All I know is that I feel worried about you. Maybe in your recent writing I sensed less positivity, a sense of giving up, a little cynicism, going through a rough time .. You have been a rock to me when I needed one and sometimes just knowing that someone gets you.. and cares.. is all you need to find your strength again. I do care and I want you to take back your power because I don’t think you can see how amazing you are..

  4. Hjwn – I hope you’re okay. You haven’t replied and I know you will have your reasons… but I need to let you know your non-reply has left me confused and in pain wondering if I have put my foot in my mouth and hurt you while my intention was to give support..

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