Important Info. For Empaths

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5 thoughts on “Important Info. For Empaths

  1. I heal the people around me with the laying of my hands my energy comes from divine power from God .I’m not an empath as staed here. Eversince, i or my family never ever been hospitalized. I have an employer before she didn’t go theraphy after a broken limb everyday after work she’ll asked me to sit with her and do massage she was healed and meeting her friends and family at home everyday brings joy to my life even many times convinced me to sleep at her side but due to respect I don’t. They said that I’m very charming person they loved me.

      • Yes, not all people Jesus is innocent but was crucified for the sins he did not commit, Wecan’t please everybody He is the son of God but choose humility and accept his fate with great love and compassion only to rise again. Like a seed he choose to die and his teachings became a fruit tree that people live for today.

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