Slow Poisoning

Part of healing your physical body is making the choice to nurture yourself by eating healthy foods.

Self love and self care is about making healthy choices for ourselves. To live dying or to die living is really in our own hands and a choice we make every minute of every day.

Saying no to fake foods and addictive artificial stimulants C . A . T . S (Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco, Sugar) is a form of self love. It is not extreme or radical, it simply means you love yourself, your body and your planet enough to make these changes.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it usually happens slowly over many years and is a process of learning to love and respect yourself fully and developing the will to choose the healthiest and best life for yourself.

The first step is education – educate yourself on whether you are consuming real food of value to your body or food that is slowly poisoning and depleting your energy, hurting your loved ones, ruining your looks and robbing you of a healthy fulfilling future.

What food is good for you?

It’s about what your body needs at any given time, not some fancy diet..

What foods makes you feel healthy, satisfied and energised?

What makes you tired, grumpy, sluggish, achy, craving more..

The foods you crave the most are generally the worst for you..

Take notice..

What meals or foods completely sustain your energy for up to 4 hours?

Love yourself healthy and stop the slow poisoning.

Love & baby steps

SG x

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