‘Good Vibes’

Everyone has heard the term good vibes, but what exactly does it mean? Good vibes is a phrase short for “good vibrations”. As we should all be aware of by now, we are constantly giving off vibrations. We are all resonating at a frequency that is regulated by our mood, emotions and actions. We may not be able to see these vibrations, but we all can pick up on them. Some people may not even notice our vibrations, while others can know it just by looking at us or being around us. That is why it’s important for us to be giving off good vibes.

How to Have Good Vibes

Having good vibes starts with us. Good vibes comes from the type of vibe that we give off. For us to have good vibes, we have to be feeling good. This directly relates to raising our vibration. We have to be doing things that raise our vibration so we are in a better mood and are feeling better emotions. Things that raise our vibration are anything that makes us feel good. Life is for fun! I say this all the time, because it’s true! Enjoy life and do the things that you enjoy. This is the best way to get into a better mood. Other options for raising your vibration could be watching a funny movie, listening to your favorite music, meditating, or even just taking a nap.

How to Give Off Good Vibes

When the phrase “good vibes” is used, it’s usually referring to the vibe people give off towards others. Having good vibes means being cool to others and being a positive experience to be around. Now that you know to keep yourself feeling good and happy, it’s time to spread those good vibes with others. Like we said earlier, people can feel the type of vibe you give off whether they realize it or not. When you’re around other people, just be good to them. Show love and kindness towards others. Help people out and don’t criticize them. Hold the door for the person behind you. Wish the person at the register a good day. There’s no need to be an a-hole to people. Spread good vibes.

The way you’re feeling about what you’re doing also comes into play. This means that even though you may be nice to someone, if you have an alternative dark motive, that will still be broadcasted. If you’re intention is to harm someone or do something bad to them, that vibe is still what you’re giving off, not matter what you may be saying or doing. The vibe is something that you can feel in yourself. If you go around people and are feeling good and are nice and cool to people, that’s a good vibe. I promise you that people can pick it up if you’re faking it. Test it out if you don’t believe it. Get yourself in a good mood and be genuinely cool to people and see how they react. Then think a bunch of negative thoughts and start a conversation with someone and see the difference on how they respond to you.

How to Receive Good Vibes

To put it simply, what you give out, you get back. Give off good vibes to people and smile at them. If you feel good to be around, others will feel good being around you and will be good back to you. Another common phrase related to this is “Treat others how you want to be treated”. If someone you’re around ends up giving off a bad vibe, be cool to them anyway! They need it most. Lighten their day up and help them to feel good as well. This will put you in an even better mood because you’ll be seeing yourself actually making a difference in the world around you. Not to mention, the person who you spread your good vibes to will be likely to spread good vibes to someone else. It’s an awesome chain reaction!

How’s this Related to the Law of Attraction?

I know this may have seemed to get a bit off topic, but this does relate to the law of attraction. When we give off good vibes, that is the reality we are creating. When we feel good and are good to others, we attract the same type of emotions back to us.

The better you are to people, the better your life will be. Now go out there and spread good vibes!

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