The Importance Of Social Contact With C-PTSD

Getting Your Needs Met

 If you can find a group for people with similar issues as you  eg.. anxiety, shyness, depression, PTSD, bipolar, life after abuse, addictions etc..  the peer support and socializing can be a real gift.

Joining a group has been both a challenge and a lifesaver for me. I’m trying to just flow with the social challenges and instead focus on the connection as a lifesaver.

You find people who have real understanding and compassion for what you are going through. You find you are not alone..

Family often mean well but never really have a clue on what you are dealing with day to day and trying to explain is usually frustrating and ultimately pointless (well it is in my case)..

I feel heard, understood and validated with the people in this group. We all have issues but no one is judged.

The first time I went I was so nervous that I had to take a tablet (diazepam) and I never take meds.. but I’m glad I did because it got me there.

Everyone needs like minded and understanding people in their life and there are good people in this world.

Love & baby steps

SG x



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