Aint That A Fact..

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6 thoughts on “Aint That A Fact..

  1. I had been thinking about this. I may have found my way to where I am now eventually, I feel as though trauma, and abuse from others, has quickened my development, maybe Its saved me years of fumbling around on my own. Ive lost enough time as it is! so just maybe, in the long run, its done me a favor in some strange way. I hear a lot of older people say “if only I knew then what I know now” …..and I think, knew what? and why are they not telling everyone………but then I get a glimpse of why. And what if Im already there…….maybe Ive arrived somewhere early……maybe its a huge blessing that im not quite conscious of, just yet.

      • Maybe. I think the suffering made me more wary. Its being forced to take another look at things which has given greater insight. I wouldn’t say pain and suffering is needed for wisdom, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Im just seeing it as a distraction, a change in direction, but it just happens to have led me to some big realizations earlier than I might have done if my life course was left as it was.

        Cant put them fully into words at the moment.

      • Maybe it has been a good thing.
        I don’t necessarily regret everything I’ve been through because It all made me grow and there were many things I had to learn and change or overcome.. like taking care of my emotional health and loving myself first.
        I’m still learning – people say you never stop learning.
        Everything takes you somewhere.

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