Today’s Feelings

Ghost In The Shell

Today I feel tired. I look at how far I still have to go and it makes me feel tired. Maybe I should feel excited or proud or maybe I should be happy in this moment.

But I don’t, not today anyway.

So, what is that far off elusive land I’m seeking?…

I think it’s a place that is less stressful than where I am at present.. We all dream of an easier life, and today I just want a helicopter to pick me up and drop me off there :o)

I feel I have been trying to overcome things my whole life..  I’m tired

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better and quit the negative and ‘stinking thinking’ and set back out on my path feeling positive again about my future and my direction

But for today allow me to wallow in my self pity because all I can see is all I still have to overcome..

Even quotes can’t pick me up today…

“Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey..”

Yeah right … blah blah blah :o)

There are some good things happening in my life, my small event business is starting to look amazing!!

I’m going to take a bath, make a hot tea and lemon and then watch an uplifting movie..

We all have bad days.. I guess it depends on me how long I choose to wallow in it..

Love and baby steps

SG x

2 thoughts on “Today’s Feelings

  1. yes….love and baby steps. I guess, that was missing in my life after all .Him my true love but he is very far away maybe, it will always be a dream someday. But, my mind is fix and clear I want to be out here.Thank you, for helping me and keep me company being alone and lonely here. But still I’m hoping that someday the sun will shine. Thank you , for bringing sunshine in my life.

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