How Do You Say “I Love Me?”

2 thoughts on “How Do You Say “I Love Me?”

  1. Thanks, I needed to hear this. I just made some new enemies at church. At first this one lady was nice to me, even thought she wanted to be my friend. Then she texted me last week. I asked her advice on a matter of business. We had been “friends” for about two months. Her response was very hurtful and shocking. She started yelling at me and some of it was understandable and some wasn’t. I did make out that she wanted to be just “elbow friends” or “knitting friends”. She also told me I was selfish, without knowledge having never studied with their denomination, and that all I cared about was money. I was flabbergasted! Then I guess her husband got on there saying “my wife is not a money tree.” “She can’t afford to pay your bills.” Then the woman got on there and said “that’s it, return all the study material I gave you because someone else might make use of it. I cried all day that day. I realized I had to let these people go. And we’re looking for a new church. Sometimes you have to let people go because they are immature destructive people who only are out to find fault and hurt people by jumping to conclsions. I’m glad I didn’t spend much time with these people.

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