How Intuitive Are You?

Just a fun quiz :o)

SG x

You will see things. Feel things. Know things. Those that are trying to hide it, will deny it. Trust your gut. You know the truth.

Ever wonder how intuitive are you? Are you someone who goes by the book relying solely on logic or do you follow your hunches and go with your gut feelings?

Well, this quiz may not be as magical as the “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” quiz but it’s way more beneficial, exciting, and will give you a quick glimpse of how you make decisions in your everyday life.

There are 4 levels of intuition. Level 1 is your warning system, level 2 revolves around your social intuition, level 3 is your creative intuition, and level 4 is higher purpose intuition. After you’ve done the quiz, there’s a full explanation of each of the 4 levels. You’ll discover what level of intuition you’re currently at – and if you’re below Level 4 – what you can aspire to be when you reach higher levels above you.

It’s a quick quiz and after you’re done, drop a comment and share your thoughts and how did you score. Don’t worry, this isn’t a competition ;)

Can’t wait to read your comments. (I scored a 48). Got some room for imporovement :-)

The Intuition Quiz:

Answer options. Write down your answers and tally up your points at the end of the quiz.

  1. Never (1 point)
  2. Sometimes (2 points)
  3. Often (3 points)

1.) You are more of a spontaneous and ‘go with the flow’ type of individual, rather than a planner or an organizer.

2.) You evaluate your decisions on certain situations based on your gut feelings, which often produces the right outcome even if it’s not always practical or logical.

3.) When you meet someone new, you get instant strong negative/positive vibes, which proves itself true in the long run.

4.) You have used your intuition to successfully invest in the stock market or enter contests and win.

5.) You know your life purpose or mission in this world

6.) Whenever you ignore a strong intuitive or gut feeling that’s trying to tell you something, you’ll tend to regret it later on.

7.) You rely on your intuition when making career-based decisions. This causes confusion among your co-workers as you always make the right decisions even with incomplete facts.

8.) You’re a creative person, and you have dreams of brilliant ideas for your art/plans/designs which you often execute to much success.

9.) You often feel worried/excited before something bad/good happens without prior knowledge that this incident was going to happen.

10.) You have had creative ideas for art/books/writing come to you from seemingly nowhere which you’ve acted on and gave you tremendous success.

11.) You can feel when a loved one is hurting, even if you don’t know yet that they are in pain.

12.) Your friends often describe you as “creative”.

13.) You often make major decisions against the advice of “experts” or your loved ones based on what you’ve “sensed”, which always worked out perfectly for you.

14.) You immediately know when someone is lying to you or telling the truth.

15.) You’ve had prior knowledge of a disaster, negative event, illness, or death that later came to pass.

16.) Whenever you feel confused about a direction you need to take or you need to make a big decision in life, you meditate, knowing that the right answers will come to you quickly through this.

17.) You feel a strong sense of connection with people you’ve never met or places you’ve never been to.

18.) You are a highly empathetic person and often ‘take on’ the feelings of those around you, whether you want to or not.

19.) You’ve had a premonition that saved you from danger.

20.) When lost, you’ve found the right path back or direction by using your intuition.

Intuition falls into 4 categories. While most of us are functioning at Level 1 or 2, we all have the ability to function at the highest level (Level 4). Our goal as human beings is to continuously grow from Level 1 to Level 4.

You score 20-30. Level 1 – Warning System Intuition:

At this Level, your intuition will usually warn you when your life is at stake.

Let’s take the September 11th incident as an example. On this particular day, an unusually high number of people have claimed that they experienced dread going to work at the World Trade Centre.

Other examples include those who’ve experienced overwhelming feelings of dread just before making a journey. If you take a look at the results of the intuition contest on our blog post, you’ll see that 60-70% of all stories were at Level 1 – Warning System Intuition. This is where most people’s intuition stand.

While intuition is something we’re all are born with, many people, including yourself, do not get the chance to develop it. Your intuition has saved you from emergency situations, but you generally do not listen to your ‘gut feelings’ which you’re paying dearly for.

Don’t worry though, it’s never too late to start training and growing your intuitive abilities. If you do, you’re in for some amazing insights and a whole new level of well-being.

You score 30-40. Level 2 – Social Intuition:

Good Vibes

You mainly use your intuition to tap into the feelings of those around you and those whom you have close relationships with. You are a highly empathetic person and can easily understand those around you.

People at this Level have been known to finish the sentences of those they’re close to, sense danger that’s approaching them like a mother senses danger for her child and are even affected by the moods of their spouses or those close to them.

This Level intuition is common in close groups, but you are more attune to it than others. Being on this Level is greatly beneficial for leaders, families and those in close relationships.

While you use your intuition to relate to those around you, you may also be ignoring it within other areas of your life. You have to keep training and enhancing your intuition skills if you want to experience the great benefits that comes with it. If you keep ignoring these ‘gut feelings’ then they will no longer happen.

However, it’s not too late to get back in touch with your intuition. With a little practice and training you’ll be able to hear and trust that “little voice” inside your head in no time and progress in other aspects of your life, such as your career, life purpose, and wealth.

You score 40-50. Level 3 – Creative Intuition:

what is intuitive creating? day 6 of FLOW: 30 Day Journal Project here:

Thomas Edison once said, “Ideas come from space”.
Many scientists and investors get their ideas and knowledge from having Level 3 intuition.

Look at the case of Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine. He was struggling for years to come up with the design for the sewing machine needle. One night he had a dream where he was surrounded by cannibals who were holding spears with holes in them. This gave him the idea that the thread hole for the sewing needle had to be at the tip of needle and not at the top. That was how the sewing machine was invented.

History is filled with countless stories of how Creative Intuition has aided in the creation of inventions, art, and designs. Even businesses have grown and flourished because of intuition.

As a Level 3 Intuitive, you are very attuned to your feelings as well as the world around you, which is an amazing skill. Being able to access your intuitive knowledge has helped not only you, but those around you get ahead in life as well.

You most likely use your intuition to not only improve on your relationships, but also your career where you use intuition to creatively solve problems, make the right business decisions or create beautiful art, music or design.

You are most likely a very creative person who is successful in business or the arts.

You score 50-60. Level 4 – Higher Purpose Intuition:

Clive Barker has a high Enthusiasm value. #VoiceValues #Brand Voice | commentary via The Voice Bureau at

This is the most useful and the most amazing level of intuition. At this level, your subconscious mind works with you and your intuition guides you to move towards your life purpose.

As a Level 4 intuitive, you already know that you should never doubt your inner voice, which guides you through all areas of your life. You know the importance of honing and fine-tuning your intuitive skills and listening to your inner voice. You meditate daily, which helps you make all important decisions in your life instantly – from love to business to health.

You always listen to your intuition which is the reason why you are where you are today. You know that what your are doing now is your divine purpose. By finding your life purpose, you fully contribute to the betterment of society. Your subconscious mind gives you momentum and the push you need to help you complete your life purpose. You are a highly intuitive being that is making a maximum impact onto the world.

Vishen Lakhiani

18 thoughts on “How Intuitive Are You?

    • Mine was as well.
      I’m 47 and only just learning to embrace it :o)
      People who have experienced childhood trauma have very high intuition – it’s developed as a survival skill, and due to dissociation and hypervigilance.
      It causes a big part of the stress and anxiety we experience, but really it is a gift.
      Once we realise that and learn how to handle it, it’s my belief life get’s better.

      • I didn’t realized that I’m a highly intuitive person . I know am a visionary because everytime I want to make a decision I already know the outcome of my predicament . On various situations including premonitions I try to believe with my gut feelings if I don’t feel like it means a failure or disappointments.When it happens my inner self will tell me I told you so. Now I try to listen to my intuition closely. Thank you for the post.

      • It’s nice to meet another visionary :o)
        I really get where you’re coming from, and you will be highly intuitive.
        Don’t you find being a visionary hard.. you certainly have to learn to be objective about things.
        In the past when I knew the outcome of a situation was going to be difficult it just paralyzed me in the present moment – like I had to make a decision and if all or both decisions were bad and I knew in advance – I just got kind of depressed and tried to make no decisions..

      • Yes, that’s true decisions is hard to do sometimes I let the divine do everything… time has all the answers to everything. So, I”ll wait and accept the outcome as it is. All I want to do is just believe that I’m on the right sometimes we can’t rush things so intuition and science must go hand in hand to adapt to changes.

      • That’s very wise and very true. There is a balance between using your head and your heart when making decisions. In my case my heart made me stay far too long with an abusive man – my head told me I must leave..

      • so we have the same predicament but our children keep us to stay with them right? I am like this I keep accepting all the pain until the vessel can’t contain it anymore. I wish I married for love and all the courtship thing but his absence makes us a stranger to each other. He is very controlling even afar which is very hard for me. Thank you for your time and little gesture of love you don’t know how precious these are to me ….blessings

      • I divorced mine. He has recently remarried. We had 4 children together. It was a very hard thing to do and for me it was dangerous.
        But I found a very wise woman therapist who helped me and supported me.
        When the pain and fear of staying becomes harder than the pain and fear of leaving things have to change.
        I prayed for the help and support and receive it – I prayed for someone who could understand my position and had experience and could support and guide me.
        A short while later I met an amazing therapist who had left her abusive husband 15 years earlier. They had 6 children together (when she left the youngest were only one year old twins), she had no career and no money – it was very difficult for her but she went on to study as a therapist and to help other women – have faith <3

      • Thank you, I know just what to do now …If I stay with him I will be miserable all my life . Stuck in this caged life living a wasted life. The question is can he changed? I’ve been living to so much pain and I know I can’t afford to add another to my agonies in life.Thanks for giving me courage and inspiration. Thanks for being here ,giving me hope and courage to face my ordeals in life.

      • No problem – I’ve been there and I understand.
        Sadly, the reality is that some people are not capable of change.
        Change takes incredible courage.

        Some people have courage on the outside but do not have it on the inside.

      • Thank you for the wise words. ..greatly appreciate it . It’s not easy to make decisions I was fighting with my husbands courage he have so much.

      • thank you that explains ….my traumatic life experience did it from chid hood onwards I just can’t imagine how strong I was but I wan’t to change to have inner peace and progression in life for self fulfillment. I avoided problems doing everything I can to avoid conflict or making anyone hurt but I was the one who was abused in return. I need to change and I already started it including my spouse he needs maturity.

      • Well, you have to take care of yourself first always and it’s mighty hard to get stronger when people are pulling you down.
        It takes time and baby steps and support helps from someone who’s been there – like a same sex therapist or friend who has been in a similar situation and healed.

      • yes, thankful that I’ve found wordpress and meet helpful and wonderful people here… I’m beginning to heal already . I can feel the great changes in my well being but my health is deteriorating …Imagine my husband due to his jealousy of my writing here in wordpress he want me to be up till 3 in the morning until I can’t sleep anymore. I try to explain to him about my situation he won’t listen he is very egotistical and selfish . I change my approach now just a bit harder on him hoping he’ll change and try to understand me if he won’t then I’ll go my own way to a place of no return but need to get away from him to achieve my mission in life. I have a mission to fulfil it’s hard but a promise is a promise I can’t work here.

      • yes… thankful at wordpress to all of you who serve that purpose so that I can find my life’s direction clearly now . I know what I want and should do to achieve it . Time is all I need I have plenty right? baby steps along the way.
        with much love and blessings from above

  1. I scored a 53. I have a terrible sense of direction, or more like severe anxiety of being lost which makes it hard for me to find my way home if I get lost.
    I did used to find someone I used to help, who was homeless.

    When he was in trouble,…like his clothes had gotten wet in the rain and he was freezing in the winter…he would sing this song that he used to sing to call me.

    I would be driving to go somewhere else and suddenly I would say ” oh Neil is calling. ” He could have been any number of places in the town, but he was singing that song loudly and with confidence. He sent something out to me.

    I would drive slowly as I approached each street waiting to see if it felt like the right way. I always found him quickly and rarely made even one wrong turn.

    One time he was getting picked up by the ambulance. He was worried that I would want to know he was there. ( actually eventually I knew when he was there to and i would call them to confirm it). Anyway, he would not let the driver take him until I got there.

    This was so funny. The driver asked him if he needed the phone. Neil said “no. I call her this way” and of course started singing for me.

    It is a good thing I felt it and got there when I did because I think the driver would have taken him to psych.

    The driver looked at me when I pulled up and got out of my car. He said ” he said you would come….how did you know?”

    “I said..was he singing Meeeeshelll my shelll..meesheelllll my shelll” He just looked at me and shook his head.

    Neil saw me and said, ” what took you so long. They did not want to wait for you but i told them you would come.”

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