Defeat Is Not An Option – Life After Abuse

What would victory look like to you? – Spend a minute to visualise it..

Are you strong?



Are you looking after yourself, eating well, exercising, spotting in advance hurtful people and staying away from them, are you compassionate, understanding and supportive to those in pain, are you having fun and feeling carefree, are you creative, are you surrounded by healthy, loving good people, are you wiser, are you earning money from things you love to do and are good at?

Well, that’s my vision.

“Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice”

“Weak people kick you when you are down – because they are intimidated by you when you are standing up”

I have got back up again and again and again..

And today I will do the same. Because I know I am stronger than whatever has been attempting to defeat me.

If you can visualise it, you can create it.

And even though it may not seem like it, everyday you are claiming back a little of your life, a little piece of your soul.

Love and baby steps

SG x

Victory over evil  – life after abuse

Defeat is not an option

Symbolic painting by Isabelle Bryer ~ ‘The Victory of Innocence Over Evil’

3 thoughts on “Defeat Is Not An Option – Life After Abuse

  1. Listened to it on my ipod in bed last night. I visualised myself soaring over vast lands and great lakes ..
    Very relaxing, I fell asleep with it still playing :o)

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