Bipolar Disorder Or A Mislabeled Gift?

The Bipolar Mystic

As an individual with Bipolar, I am continually fascinated by the scientific work being done to learn more about Bipolar.  Unfortunately, most of what we know about Bipolar and mental illness remains speculative.  Could there be more to the story than a different kind of brain?  Is this different brain designed by God/dess for more than madness – in fact for a kind of emotional brilliance?  Is there in fact a purpose to our illness that few could guess at?  Could there be other, little known but effective ways of managing Bipolar for some individuals?  Recently I ran across an article that piqued my interest.  The article discussed intuitive empathy as an explanation for some people who are diagnosed as Bipolar.  An excerpt of the article ( reads:

“The most common psychiatric diagnosis among those with extraordinary empathic skills is Bipolar Disorder. Also known as manic depression

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8 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder Or A Mislabeled Gift?

  1. I heard somewhere that the entire DSM-IV diagnostic manual could be reduced to just 2 sides of paper, as most “illness” can be explained by either a HPA-axis dysfunction caused by stress and/or abuse, or maybe just a result of who you are – making decisions on feelings and intuition. true mental illness is, I believe, quite rare.

    • That’s something I can believe :o)

      Regarding mental illness, after writing out my recent posts (The Painful Life Of A Super…) it made me question.. am I just ill? Am I undiagnosed bipolar? After all who can live with such sensitivities… and sensitivities most people will never understand or believe..

      But the writing it out is what helped me see the big picture and I came to realize that I saw a potential future with someone … but I never felt safe so I subconsciously looked deeper..

      I was being hypervigilant, I was protecting myself and what I learnt was that he had a shady past, was incapable of healing and was emotionally stunted.

      Just like the other men I have chosen.. :o(

      In some ways it was a triumph in trusting my intuition.

      It was never about healing him – it was about my own safety.

      Regarding ‘mental health’ I guess I’m a rebel because I refused a system that would have labeled me – I was labeled C-PTSD (a psychological injury and not considered a mental illness) and that label was helpful.. I also refused medication as on an intuitive level I felt, for me it was counterproductive to healing

      So are we mentally ill or highly aware..has trauma made us hypervigilant, dissociative … and highly intuitive .. or both.

      Maybe we become the wise ones.. maybe we live in the space between brilliance and madness and maybe that’s exactly where the system changers live.. those that learn the hard way to trust their intuition and subconscious and not just their logic..

      After all no one’s giving us a manual on being healers, or guides or visionaries, we have the hard task of learning as we go.

      “Mental Health’ is an industry that lacks compassion and deeper insight and the drugs make you lose your sensitivity.

      I believe Mental illnesses are self healing with the right guidance and support. The real problem is finding that kind of support that is wise and balanced.

      I suspect in the future it will be those that have had to dig deep to understand their own depression and past, learnt to trust their own instincts, have healed and accepted themselves that will be the forerunners in ‘mental health’ education, support and understanding. They will introduce new systems.

      • Ive found I have needed to “re-calibrate” my intuition after what I have been through, so going through with something I knew might be wrong – and prooved to be as the moment unfolded, ended up being meaningful for me as it helps me to begin to trust myself again for any future decisions :)

        I suspect I have, or have had an Injury of some sort, especially as I am starting to improve over time. Interestingly, I have read that medication can often make things worse – mainly because the Mental Health profession vastly misunderstand the complexity of trauma and Injuries.

        Agree with everything you say, you are good to talk to. I do hope things improve in the understanding and treatment of our current problems, and my idealism wants things to go much further – to educate and work on the prevention of psychic diseases :)

      • Good point :o)

        Regarding recalibrating your intuition – that’s exactly what I experienced. And it makes sense that traumatised children fail to learn to trust their own emotions and instincts. Their feelings go unvalidated, they are told to stop being angry or sad, or to snap out of it. Their pain is always minimalised. They are often pushed into things, people or situations that they are not uncomfortable with and not given their own voice.

        We may be highly intuitive but that doesn’t mean we learnt how to trust it.

        Like you I also seem to have been going through a series of choosing the wrong people or painful situations and having to learn the hard way what is good for me and what is not and to trust my instincts.

        I hope this doesn’t freak you out… but I also believe that from trauma and the associated dissociation that we can become too open spiritually and therefore can be vulnerable, attacked or controlled from a spiritual level as well. This also affects our intuition and can cause some confusion.. (not sure if you have experienced this.. I experienced it mildly but I learnt to protect myself).

        Hey.. no wonder life is tough ..:o) abuse can also come to us from another spiritual plane.

        Regarding medication I tend to believe it slows down any self-healing process – it does enable you to function though, keep going to work etc.. I did try them but it wasn’t for me. 

        I was also never suicidal because on some level I know suicide is somewhat pointless.. but I sure went through literally hundreds of times that living was in the ‘just too hard’ basket. I also stopped working and instead when on government assistance to allow myself the time to recover and delve into finding the real answers.

        I think some people take it just a helper in times of need and seek other options like therapy etc.. and some people come to rely on it lifelong, they believe every word a doctor says, never heal and become willing victims to the system.

        Each to their own I guess.

      • Any advice for spiritual protection? not sure if I have suffered from this or not.

      • Well… I never would have believed in the need for spiritual protection until I experienced it..  and then I learnt a great deal.

        So how do I know that entities, or dark spirits are real and not just psychological illnesses?

        Well first up entities and psychological illnesses go hand in hand..

        Entities are just opportunists that cause further mental confusion, disrupt your intuition and make decision making impossible (in psychology this state is called cognitive dissonance –  (I call it entity mischief).

        Their goal is control just like a narcissist. So maintaining personal power is essential. I think people with strong moral fibre get attacked more, the others seem to make friends with their ‘demons’ so to speak..

        As for protection – entities cannot live in a loving or healthy environment just like cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. So good thoughts are important – entities thrive in negativity, anger, hatred etc..

        The more you align yourself with love and the more you can forgive those that are damaged and weak that have hurt you, the lighter and happier and freer you become. (of course forgiving people doesn’t have to mean you respect them or even that you have to see them..)

        So the protection – Sometimes I pray for guidance and when I pray it’s ‘only to the ‘light’. I demand that any guidance, help or assistance I receive is from the light and only the light and is for my highest good.

        I don’t care if it’s ‘God of the light’, Archangels of the light, or my spiritual guides of the light, I just need it to be from the light. I have no idea what’s out there.. I just know there is good stuff and bad stuff.

        So I always say that first before I ask for any guidance. Even God must come from the light as far as I’m concerned – there may be God’s of something other than the light as far as I know..

        The other thing I have noticed is that entities smell fear like dogs.. I have no fear of them as I know they are quite weak and I am stronger. It just took a little education to learn that.

        A couple of times I just missed the train home and took a later one and ended up having no choice but to walk in the dark.

        As a single woman I don’t put myself purposely in the position ever – but I got stuck and it was pitch black. I must of felt some fear because as I walked home I could literally feel the area around me thick with dark energies, surrounding me and it was suffocating. I felt panicky and couldn’t breathe well.

        What I did was stop and centre myself and I did visualize a white light around me and peace (something I had read  to use but thought it was rubbish..) – anyone straight away my fear subsided and I was absolutely fine, and whatever was heavy and dark around me went.

        Also never mess around with the spiritual realm, never consciously call anything in – as I said there are good spirits and one’s that just like mischief – just like people on earth.

        There is also an “Exorcist Archetype” and quite often psychotherapists carry this trait as they help people heal and also release their ‘demons’ – but it’s NOTHING like in the movies!!!! Anything like that is the shadow form and you’d run a mile from it..

        It’s really very simple with the right person. And it’s more about releasing/ healing, forgiveness and letting go of anger or hate you’ve built up regarding your pain.

        A therapist or even a friend who understands the need to release the anger/ the hatred/ the poison and helps you do it could be an ‘exorcist’ archetype.

        It’s talk therapy that brings you back to love – often you may have small physical reactions like little coughs or like you’re trying to cough up something etc.. that’s what I experienced.

        Everyday people are exorcists and generally people are never aware that the have the ability to remove negative energies. My young babysitter carried that archetype, she ended up going on to study psychotherapy and we learnt a lot from each other, and my son’s friends mother. Neither did it as a profession they just randomly helped people – they could visually see who had entities around them and would talk to them to help them release any psychological negativity and replace it with love and compassion and in doing so they release/ remove the negative spirits as well.

        They both told me some of their experiences growing up – I didn’t envy them ..

        I’d say anyone that has had PTSD due to the dissociation involved would have had some entity mischief and never realise it.

        I have been told (it makes sense) that anything that opens you up to another plane – eg. drugs, abuse, trauma, alcohol, out of body experiences, near death experiences, promiscuity can be an open door for spiritual mischief.

      • Thankyou. I know not to mess with anything like this. Im becoming stronger inside and will get to study this at some point. I know there is light and dark everywhere and Im becoming better at spotting it, I think ive been too naive and too open which has put me at risk. Luckily ive never felt compelled to turn to any vices, although Interestingly, some people had been trying to steer me in that direction! maybe they were under attack too. Anyway, getting stronger, and wanting love, light, and joy in my life. moving towards it. thanks for your help. :)

  2. No problem, and really I’m no expert in the field, this kind of stuff is not my forte.
    Really my experiences just made me aware that’s all. Someone with an exorcist archetype (light attributes) would know so much more than me,
    I don’t at all feel scared or threatened by any of it though. To me it’s just another reality, and something new to be aware of.
    I believe everyone has issues with this and that at some point in the healing process, you’re stronger and it no longer becomes an issue.

    Just a question to you .. I often feel I have some sort of underlying ‘soul damage’ that needs healing. I’m not sure what that really means… or how to fix it. It’s just a feeling.

    As I have c-ptsd and have been through repeated traumas in childhood and in adulthood, the healing of c-ptsd must go deeper.

    On some level my soul is tired and feels broken almost like it’s just been through too much and that even with the acceptance and forgiveness and past life work, there is still another level or layer that needs healing.

    I can stay well but only if I eat a 100% alkaline diet, and on some level I know this is not the full answer to recovering.

    I have heard about soul retrieval but really I know nothing about and I absolutely can’t afford the risk or the possibility of being traumatised by another unhealed or unbalanced healer.

    I feel this is the next stage of my recovery.. do you know anything about it?

    I should start reading about it..

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