My Babies <3

Bernell – Highly creative, courageous, honest, visionary, non-conformist, stylist, spiritual wisdom, vegan

Alessandra – Highly creative, feisty, strong, non-conformist, poet-lyricist, artist, visionary

Mirabella – High energy, athletic, feisty, animal lover, leader, determined, funny

Court – Highly intelligent, creative, fair, non judgemental, advocate, visionary, leader


3 thoughts on “My Babies <3

    • I am lucky – it’s not all smooth sailing though… My kids all know I love them dearly but also that I won’t take sh*t and that’s important since I was treated like a doormat in the past.
      There’s some ‘tough love’ going on as I now set boundaries with my adult children.. they are ‘not happy’ about my new boundaries (which is normal in dysfunctional families) but it hurts like hell for me..

      I like this quote regarding it (I’m the quote queen..)
      “Tough love is real love, Why? It hurts the giver far more than the receiver.”

      I’m standing my ground..and no longer tolerate bullying behaviour..

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