7 thoughts on “Ever Feel Like This…?

    • I believe 100% that place exists on Earth. Maybe it’s ‘fantastic thinking’ but I certainly feel it in my bones. I think it all comes down to timing – when the time is right you connect or reconnect with your ‘soul family’..

  1. I Found myself thinking this only yesterday – “Im sure what im looking for doesnt actually exist” yet I cant quite accept that there aren’t people out there, people like me who value life, who value people, who would love me, help me, nurture me – and I would return it 10 fold.

    • I believe what I’m looking for does exist. There are 7 billion people in the world!!.. I believe in soul families.

      Your soul family is the spiritual equivalent to your birth family here on earth. They may take the form of anyone in your life. When you meet them, they feel like your siblings, parents or children. You and your soul family share the same over-soul, so you are all aspects of the same soul.

      A soul family’s purpose is to love, nurture, support, guide, protect and help you. Soul family members help align you with your soul’s purpose, and will accelerate your spiritual growth.

      Sounds flakey but I fully believe this.. :o)

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