I LOVE THIS! – Psychiatry Labels (2mins)

Good Lordy… I LOVE THIS!! So powerful..

Psychiatry labels and archetypes – right up my alley <3

SG x

4 thoughts on “I LOVE THIS! – Psychiatry Labels (2mins)

  1. So POWERFUL! Speaking from m experience working in public schools, I must admit that in an effort to provide children support we are often forced to define children with a particular label. No label, no diagnosis equals no support. It doesn’t have to be this way. I’m sharing this with my staff. thank you!!

  2. It is powerful!
    I guess sometimes you need the label. I needed to be labelled to get government assistance while I couldn’t work. I was ‘diagnosed’ with complex – PTSD which is classified as a psychological injury and not a mental illness. I agreed with that label but any lazy psychologist could have easily diagnosed me with schizo-affective disorder (because I had visions), or bipolar or some sort of major depressive disorder and not listened to my full story.

    I paid literally hundreds of dollars to get an assessment from a highly recommended private psychologist (I sold my shoes and handbags to pay for it rather than go through the free Mental Health system – the Mental Health system is cold and often their psychologists are quite weary and desensitized and their protocol is to diagnose you in a very short time frame).

    The labels are certainly not compassionate they are cold and clinical and the real danger is that these labels stick with us through the system (database) and also often people become ‘victims’ to their labels..

    I am a visionary and I accept this is part of me, I have a mind that can see the ‘big picture’ in things, people and situations, but I am not just a visionary. I have other qualities..

    I do use that side of me everyday. I use it to be creative. A visionary can be quite ahead of the times – which is cool.

    As with everything there are lessons to learn.. and another way my visionary manifests is that I can see people’s stories and archetypes – past, present and potential future.

    I just know stuff (I’m going to write a post about how painful this can be and how isolating it can be) – I have had to learn to be objective rather than subjective when dealing with people or my visionary skills can become maladaptive.

    More often than not kids just need compassion and someone to listen to their story without judgement. Someone who can see their ‘big picture’..

  3. I watched a you tube video where it was suggested that the word disorder be replaced by response. I like the more positive labels as I tend to see the potential good in others too.

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