Having the courage to be open, true to yourself and vulnerable makes you so much more attractive.

It enables you to connect with other beautiful people.

It takes self love, which releases the fear of rejection … and self trust, the confidence in knowing that you have the power to ignore or walk away from anything that is hurtful to your being.

Be you .. Be(you)tiful

SG x

4 thoughts on “Beauty

    • It seems that men that I am open with, able to be myself around and vulnerable with, I fall hard for… ? They make me feel safe, heard and understood and I go gaga for that. It’s just so damn attractive.

      It’s not often in my life that I’ve been around ‘safe’ guys – ones that don’t treat you as an object but respect you as a person.
      Those types of guys seem to fill an aching emotional need I have that relates to trusting men..

      ..Maybe I’m starting to attract better, more trustworthy guys and make healthier friendships??
      Just need to stop my heart from tripping me up.. and my imagination from going wild :o)

      • You are telling my life story. :-) for me I think I need to slow down. I give so much of my self away too soon and I don’t mean physically. My stories, my life is now reserved for those who team them through trust. Xo

  1. Hmm… so do I (big time) but do you think giving so much of yourself away is allowing yourself to be truly vulnerable.. sure it can backfire and be painful but isn’t that the risk to finding the right partner or friends?

    You soon suss out those that respect your courage to be open and love you for it and those that don’t.. x

    I say ‘be you’ BNiP and don’t try to control it – some will love you and those that don’t .. well who cares about them :o)

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