What Am I Here For?

Feeling the fear … and doing it anyway

I came across this quote today, which perfectly sums up the situation I’ve been in recently. I have loads of tenacity but I’ve been taking very little action.

So after months of fatigue, self sabotage, procrastination, mental conflict and battling my gripping fears I have finally begun.

Over the weekend I started making some of the changes I need to make, it’s all baby steps right now as I tread somewhat timidly towards my new life.

Now that my fears have somewhat subsided, I realize this is going to be good. Good for me and good for my children.

Today I even feel a little excited.

Ever heard of ‘The Hero’s Journey’, well I’ve finally accepted the call.

I found this short video regarding ‘The Hero’s Journey’. The woman in it Elizabeth Gilbert is my hero and mentor right now..

She calls it ‘the Quest’ and that your quest starts off with the question – ‘what am I here for?’

So what are you here for?

Check it out

Love and baby steps,


4 thoughts on “What Am I Here For?

  1. Breaking down the walls, exposing yourself, making others feel safe enough to do the same – that’s very powerful … We’re all so similar but there’s such a lack of rawness/ honesty/ truth/ vulnerability/ authenticness in the world. We all hide behind our own shadows.( I don’t really know the words I’m looking for to describe it :o) ..
    Maybe with these blogs we’re testing the waters until we’re brave enough to bust through the dam!
    I think that’s what I’m doing anyway … learning, growing, building confidence, healing myself, gaining courage..
    I’ve been impatient and trying to rush the process but it really is baby steps. Somewhat frustrating :o)

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