Exposing Evil


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(*WFP calculates that $3.2 billion USD is needed per year to reach all 66 million hungry school-age children).

*World Food Programme

I wish these images were considered an act of terrorism. Then maybe the world leaders would have got together and figured out a way to solve the issues of millions of children and adults dying of starvation each year. It’s not like it’s new, these images made me feel sick as a child 40+ years ago..

And I don’t believe the dollar a day scheme is at all the answer – crazy and it hasn’t worked so far.

My belief all world leaders should spend time in 3rd world countries, living the lifestyle so to speak. Like on survivor reality TV. Maybe give them a baby and a few children each and the challenge is to keep themselves and their babies alive, or maybe they should take along their own children – so they can really live it.

It seems to be okay that people starve.. actually we’ve been desensitised to it for years. It’s quite acceptable..  but none of this has ever made sense to me…and it seems nobody really questions it..?

I simply do not believe that the problem is too big for the combined resources of the world and it’s leaders to solve..

I do often wonder if they were images of white children dying if that would make a drastic difference..


4 thoughts on “Exposing Evil

  1. Genocide maybe?
    Why are native races oppressed on this planet.. now and historically?
    Aborigines, American Indians, Maori, African Americans etc..
    Sometimes I wonder if these people are more spiritually evolved races who are being pushed down and destroyed by the sociopaths at the top..
    Sociopaths love logic … and hate wisdom..

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