Bring Forth Your Treasures!

Tom Gauld, this makes me happy. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm gently satisfied that it does.

I’ve had enough of wasting my life in fear!

Here’s a message from Elizabeth Gilbert and below a quote from her new book ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear’.

“My hope for today (and all days) is that you all find the courage to search for the creative treasures that are hidden within you, and to release them into the world! Because whenever you can do that … that’s the #BigMagic, right there”

Love it, love her!

It is in healing that you find your ‘creative treasures’..  so let’s be courageous!

Love and baby steps,

SilverGirl x


4 thoughts on “Bring Forth Your Treasures!

  1. Ive noticed as I heal, I am able to see more possibilities, and able to fully think about how to bring them about, plus find the energy and confidence to do it.

    Then there is the doubts, wondering if im good enough, and what others will think, or if I can be bothered. Im finding having the attitude of caring whatsoever helps with that :)

      • I also wonder if I’m good enough or if I’m ready.. but deep down I know I am. My whole life has set me up to help others..
        I have two issues in the way from being well enough to do that.. financial stress and lack of energy
        I’m in a catch 22. I need to sell my house and I don’t have enough energy to get on top of things, and ironically I don’t have much energy due to the prolonged financial stress of not selling my house (immune disorder and stress are a bad mix).

        My new attitude is that ‘I can die living or live dying’..
        I choose to die living – I’ve been the living dead for way too long.. :o)

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