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    • That’s a great quality to have..
      Made me consider how much my life lacks passion ..
      I used to do things with passion – decorate, entertain etc.. just LIVING with passion.
      Need to find that again – tend to be hibernating.
      Love :o) .. and hate :o( how other bloggers challenge me to heal.
      It’s helpful.. in a painful way if you get what I mean..

  1. I actually cannot remember the last time I had fun.. unless you consider treating yourself to chips and ice cream and watching a DVD alone good times … :o)

    My ex. was so much fun, but his fun involved either huge amounts of money, copious amounts of alcohol or both.. Actually that’s what his life was all about ‘seeking pleasure and avoiding pain’.

    I’ve found a ‘meet up’ group for people with social anxiety, I’m going to pluck up the courage to attend.
    Hmmm… a gathering of introverts.
    Not sure if that spells fun :o) … but I need to meet people and it’s a start

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