The Secret To Happiness

Be who you are..

Do what scares you the most..

Use your God-given talents..

Believe in yourself

Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “The Secret To Happiness

  1. great post and so true. I’ now pursuing a career as an artist. I went and got my cosmetology license a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t me. I’m a fiber artist. I love what I do and I can work at my own pace and be my own boss. I call the shots, no person over my head but God. I spent a lot of time and money preparing to work in the beauty field, but I had problems because it wasn’t me. I never wanted to be a hair dresser. I was told by others , “You need to find something that pays well. You need to make as much money as you can even if you don’t like what your doing.” People tell me you can’t just be an artist. But look around you-there is nothing that is not designed by someone. Artists are important-without them nothing would exist!

    • Artists are important – they colour the world. Be a very dull concrete jungle without that type of passionate, creative energy. Non creatives never ‘get it’.. It’s great you’ve found your passion

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