Today’s Feelings

Test Results
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Just got some test results back from the doctor – seems I have seriously low iron levels. I’ve been wondering why my mind is willing but my body just wants to sleep. I’ve also been dizzy, breathless and I had a small panic attack while out walking my dog a few nights ago.

Good to know what’s up as I was feeling like a failure on the home selling front. It was taking so much effort and willpower for me to get into the garden.

I’m going to be gentle on myself now :o)

Should be back up and functioning again within the week.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Feelings

  1. Wow, that explains a lot! I had slight anemia a few years ago and started take iron on my own but my GYN told me it might be an absorption of iron problem instead. She suggested I take B12 and my blood work has shown normal levels ever since.
    I had a gastric bypass years ago which is probably why I have an absorption problem, so others may have different solutions. Hope you are feeling more peppy soon…

    • I was beginning to question whether I was making the right choices in life – because I was feeling so unmotivated and flat!
      Poor me..
      I’m pleased to have found out the answer.
      I always have had difficulty absorbing and storing iron, I think I have to take iron non-stop to remain well. Been to a gastro and had tests done.. all showed normal but I do have major health problems, I just manage them all with diet.
      I haven’t taken any iron for about 2 -3 months so it’s my own fault really.
      Oh.. had my B12 levels tested and they were normal..

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