What Is A Soul Whisperer?

I just found an interesting website .. it seems soul whisperers do in fact exist.

What is a Soul Whisperer?
❖  Very INFJ and very me.  So much more beneath the surface.

A SoulWhisperer is someone uniquely trained to listen to the deepest whisperings and longings of the human soul and who, once heard, partners with those whisperings and longings to assist a person in creating, manifesting, and living a joyful, successful, and deeply meaningful soul-driven and purposeful life.


9 thoughts on “What Is A Soul Whisperer?

    • I had a quick look at the reviews – sounds interesting. May have to read that one..
      It spoke of a client who was participating in one of the workshops and recalled she was raped by her father at age three..
      I have some experience of this, not with myself but with others..
      My ex husband I ‘know’ was raped around 3 by his father. I know the circumstances and what caused the father to do these things, I feel the energy, I don’t doubt what I feel, know and see but that doesn’t mean I can do anything with what I know..
      My ex. has never uncovered it.
      Probably the reason I stayed with him for 28 years.. I knew why he behaved the way he did.. and I wanted to fix him and love him all better.. but in the end he let it destroy him and I believe he allowed something evil to take him over.
      Maybe part of your soul leaves in trauma and another soul can move in if you allow it?
      Whoever that little boy was .. he has gone now.
      After I left him I continued to work healing myself and started uncovering my own shocking childhood traumas.
      In the end we were the same.. both damaged, both broken.

      • Sorry to hear of both your experiences. I hear the part about you wanting to fix him, and it does sound like you have an extraordinary talent for this type of thing. A very high level of Intuition.

        I dont know anything much more about this, I got a few books and even some journeying music but never progressed far with it, I was under a lot of stress at the time so abandoned it, I was also concerned what might happen if I didnt know what I was doing. I feel drawn to it though.

        I noticed this book gets better reviews, and its cheaper esp on kindle.

        Mending The Past & Healing The Future With Soul Retrieval
        by Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.

        Needs proper training to treat people though. Might be something you could easily do?

      • I more I think about it, the more I believe it does need proper training and to work along side a qualified professional (psychotherapist, psychologist) as complementary therapies..

        The last thing I would want to do is hurt anyone in any way, or do anything in an unbalanced way.. that would always be my biggest fear. Healing others also isn’t a one person job.
        So I’m not feeling 100% comfortable with any of my choices at this stage but at least I know where I want to go.. maybe in time I’ll find some relevant training (regression therapy maybe) and then go on to work with a professional?

        Your replies and my writing it out to you, has been extremely helpful, so thank you.. it’s cleared my mind and one of the things it’s made me aware of, is why I haven’t been motivated to sell my house.
        I can live in the past, present and future all at once (I don’t suppose many people would understand that..) It can get a little busy in my mind at times.. which is something I have to learn to handle..

        You have a special intuitive gift to help others as well. Do you know what it is..?
        Any unusual experiences in your childhood?
        – eg. as a child my dreams would happen and I would know things ahead of time. Eventually I started seeing the past as well..

        PS. I’ll check out the book, the title sounds great..

  1. Im glad I was of some help. Your very good at this, don’t doubt yourself, the core of what you are capable of is what will matter. Are there any other healers or healing clinics near you, maybe they will be able to help of give advice. Let your heart lead the way.

    You made me think about myself when you asked about my gifts, I’ve thought a long time about it, along with a huge feeling of reluctance within me. hmm, there has been plenty of occurrences, deja vus, knowings, visions, plus things I cant quite explain, Ive been amazed at times. I like to see people do well, flower into their full bloom, full of happiness and life. I know im still learning, and healing myself though. thankyou.

    • Oh I just spotted this, thought you might like it…. :) I need to take note as well. The times I hear myself say – “damn it, you knew that was going to happen. you’ve got intuition, so use it!”

      • Haha thanks for the quote.. its very true.
        I need to do some serious thinking about my overthinking… (joke)
        I have been so frustrated with myself lately because I wasn’t getting up and working hard enough towards my dreams and plans – instead mucking around too much and just drifting..
        Got the answers today from some blood tests .. I have seriously low iron, the nurse said she is surprised I’m still standing.
        Good to have an answer and I can now stop beating myself up:o)

    • Hmm – huge feeling of reluctance? I have felt that too and I must admit in the past the thought of working with my intuition or assisting others to heal terrified me. I kept feeling like I was going to be ridiculed, judged or worse killed for doing it.
      Turns out I have been ridiculed, judged and killed in the past and it was something I had to overcome, as it isn’t relevant in this lifetime ( surreal I know..I didn’t always believe in stuff like that until I actually experienced a regression and noticed how much the past was affecting my present day).
      I’m still healing as well and I’ve waited years because I believed I had to ‘fully’ heal. I now realise I will never fully heal unless I start doing this work that will bring me joy.

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