Give It Up

Okay.. I’m not religious but I do believe in God

(I’m just not sure what my God looks like .. or if God in fact looks like anything?)

This picture symbolically sums up my life right now.

4 thoughts on “Give It Up

    • I see him as Jesus – a prophet, a healer, a visionary, a guide, a martyr, a leader but not as God.
      I was raised a Catholic, went to a Catholic school and to church every Sunday.. what I noticed was the majority of the women were suffering from martyr syndrome, choosing suffering over happiness and believing it was for the best.. also that people were using religion like an addiction to cope with their otherwise miserable lives and choices.
      Spiritual addiction is a real thing.
      So my religion is love, kindness, doing the right thing over the easy thing, compassion ..

      • I can see that happening and it is truly heartbreaking. I believe those women were completely misunderstanding the truth and need to be set free from those wrong ways of thinking. It was my seeing people set free from spiritual bondage that led me to see Jesus as God. I believe what Jesus and his closest friends claim about himself: that he is equal with God, that he is Light, and Love, and Truth. For Jesus to claim these things he’s either got to be a complete psychotic narcissist or he is actually God.

  1. I question too many things.. and nothing quite fits. I think the real message in every religion has been misconstrued by a majority of egotistical people not the minority of soul based people.
    I have love and compassion for Jesus but who knows if he was misguided.
    All I know is that there have been too many wars and too many deaths over religion and the ‘my religion is the one true religion’ mentality. Sheesh.. it’s nuts :o)
    Too many men with their egos taking the lead and too many women following and acting humble instead of trusting their own instincts.
    At the end of the day deep down everybody knows right from wrong.
    I’m pretty sure whoever God is he just wants me to be compassionate, kind and to be an example of light in this often dark world.

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