Today’s Feelings – Blessed

lovely illustration by catia chien

Wow.. have you ever had synchronistic events happen when you were in desperate need of answers?

I prayed last night for some answers to some choices I have to make. To be honest things have to get pretty desperate for me to pray . I was feeling that stressed..

This morning at my market stall, a woman I’ve met a few times came over and starting talking to me. She’s lovely and we talked for about an hour…  in our discussion she randomly gave me every answer to what I had prayed for and more. Felt like a miracle.. she felt like a messenger..

Do you believe in the possibility of earth angels? I’ve had this type of thing happen a few times now and it feels too big to be a mere coincidence.. so I think it may be a possibility :o)

It feels good to know where I’m going and to know what to do next..

Feeling blessed..

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