Healing Your Spirit

Healing your spirit takes time and baby steps. Be gentle on yourself. Go with the flow. Allow yourself to feel.

You will get there.


9 thoughts on “Healing Your Spirit

  1. When I feel “depressed” It feels like something deep inside me is sleeping or broken. Its not really anything to do with my mind or how I think. It affects my whole body, like a dead weight. Then, when something awakens me, something that aligns with my heart, I come alive, and yes I might feel achy and sore due to inactivity for a while, but its like someone has literally plugged me back in. And yesterday I realised what might make me happy, I cant live my old life anymore, I just cant.

    This video explains it a little better. The singer is “depressed” but when she sees the spirit of her father in the audience, she comes alive and takes everyone by surprise. I think living and being healthy is more about the spirit within us than anything else. And whatever makes it dance, do that.

    • I agree the deep scars may take a while to heal, if at all. I sat with that thought also the other day, that something might have changed me forever. Makes me even more determined to find a life that fits me, it feels deserved.

    • Absolutely.. It’s not your mind .. it’s your spirit. You’re a sensitive and that is your gift. What I’m about to say relates to me also… It may feel like a curse but you just need to understand it. You will be sensitive to people, your environment, foods etc.. but you can have a life that feeds your spirit, first step is accepting that not everyone is like you… and that’s a good thing! You are unique and if some do not value you – value yourself. In time your sensitivity will be of benefit to others.. it has a purpose. Everything you went through has a purpose.
      The way you can express yourself with words is amazing. I am in awe. You can express it exactly as it is and how it feels.
      You’re a deep thinker – the most interesting people are.. You are strong, you are talented and you are wise. I’m not sure how old you are.. but you seem wise beyond your years..
      We just need to listen to what makes our spirit’s soar and take note of what make them sink..

      • I came to that conclusion yesterday, that im way different to most people, think different, see different, act different. Possibly what causes so much animosity, and a magnet for emotional predators. Differences within a group of people can do that. Thankyou for you kind words and support, you are amazing. Im in my early 40s, and type as INFP.

      • I just looked up INFP profile and that really does seem like you. Apparently only 4% of the pop. so no wonder it’s hard to find like-minded people..
        I don’t believe people are either extroverts or introverts – I think it has a lot to do with self confidence and self esteem that has been battered, and trust issues from childhood. I believe as you heal that can change dramatically..
        My son is INFP.. moral, creative, empathetic – a great kid!!

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